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State Library ARPA E-Bulletin
Welcome to the latest edition of the Montana State Library ARPA E-Bulletin.  The State Library has contracted with the Montana Cooperative Development Center (MCDC) and the consulting firm of Applied Communications to provide outreach and technical assistance to local libraries regarding information about the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding opportunities.   Look for monthly e-bulletins with updates on grants, training, and partnering opportunities. For general information on ARPA and other resources:

State of Montana ARPA Commission web page:

Montana Department of Commerce – ARPA Resources: Montana Coronavirus Relief (

Montana ARPA Hot Line: 1-844-406-2772

Montana State Library - ARPA Webinar Series  
January Webinar – Grant Readiness for ARPA Funds
MCDC is organizing a webinar series with expert panelists to share information on ARPA programs, tips for successful grant applications and suggestions for coordinating with state agencies and other partners.   Register now for the next webinar.

Webinar Title: “Grant Readiness for ARPA Funds”

Date: January 27, 2022

Time: 10:00 am to 11:30 am  

Content – Submitting a competitive grant application requires pre-planning and preparation.  This webinar will review what your library should do to give it the best chance to win awards. 
Panelists: Kathleen McMahon, Applied Communications

Library ARPA Funding Guide – Broadband
Montana Senate Bill 297 allocated American Rescue Plan Act money to broadband projects located in unserved or underserved areas. The Montana Department of Administration (DOA) is distributing these funds under the ConnectMT program.  As part of the federal Infrastructure and Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, (NTIA) has received funds to establish multiple programs addressing broadband and digital equity needs.   MCDC has prepared a funding guide describing how libraries may utilize these programs.  Download this guide at: 

One-on-One Technical Assistance
One-on-one technical assistance regarding ARPA funding is now available to libraries.  Technical assistance is being provided by contract planner Applied Communications and includes an initial telephone or zoom call to assess library needs, review grant programs and determine follow-up assistance.   If you are interested in scheduling a technical assistance call, please contact:
Kate McMahon

Penguin Random House Grants for Small & Rural Libraries
Through the support of Penguin Random House, the Association of Rural & Small Libraries (ARSL) has announced a new grant opportunity for small and rural libraries nationwide. If selected, grants will be awarded for up to $2,500. ARSL membership is NOT required to participate in this grant opportunity.
The program will award grants to libraries that demonstrate a true need. Grants are not limited to literacy and may be used for everything from library programming and books to resources like hotspots. Deadlines: Multiple rolling; Dec. 17, 2021, February 11, 2022, April 8, 2022, June 3, 2022
To apply and access a sample application, visit the website:

Update - ARPA Funds for Library E-Resources!

The Montana State Library received an award of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to be spent by the end of 2022. The use of these funds must meet the intent of the Institute of Museum and Library Services ARPA goals and objectives. Objective 1.1 is "Advance digital inclusion through approaches that may include, but are not limited to, improving digital platforms, online services, connectivity (e.g., hotspots), and creating digital literacy programs, as well as creating new processes and procedures needed to sustain a robust online environment."  For more information:    

For more Information on Montana State Library/MCDC APRA Outreach Efforts 
Check future e-bulletins for answers to more questions!   For additional information on this outreach program please contact:
Tracy Cook
Montana State Library
Kate McMahon
Applied Communications