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Parent Satisfaction Survey Results Remain Strong 
As you know, each year we give a Satisfaction Survey to CCSD93's parents, students, and staff members. The resulting data is examined in terms of the district as a whole and is broken down to the school level for each of our buildings. The data helps us understand what is working well within the district and better target where to focus efforts for improvement.  

Principals and school Building Leadership Teams (BLTs) utilize their school's data as they develop yearly School Improvement Plans, and our administrators use all of the data to inform decisions. All of this is done in an effort to continuously improve as an organization so that we provide the very best education to the children of our community.
I'll highlight the results of the 2018-19 Satisfaction Survey here over the next few weeks. Today we'll begin with our parents. I'm pleased to share with you that CCSD93's Parent Rating for Overall Satisfaction with the School Year, as well as each of the other 11 major categories we track, remain among the highest we've ever received.

See the Quick Glance view of our district-wide Parent Satisfaction Survey scores below! You'll see more of these for each school begin to pop up on school websites and media boards in the coming weeks. For more on these scores, visit

While I'm thrilled that the work of our dedicated educators has resulted in consistently high satisfaction with CCSD93, we'll continue to strive for improvement in every facet of the district as we're committed to providing a world-class education for our students.
#BreakoutEDU Provides Challenging & Engaging Learning Opportunities for CCSD93 Students
Students throughout CCSD93 are being challenged to use what they've learned in a variety of subject areas to solve a series of problems and ultimately unlock a puzzle created by their teacher.
It's called Breakout EDU, and if you've ever participated an escape room, it's a similar concept, but students use information they've acquired through classroom lessons to facilitate their "escape". It's just one of the innovative ways CCSD93's teachers are engaging students to learn and apply their knowledge creatively through the use of collaboration and problem-solving skills. Click the image below for a video about Breakout EDU.
Have a Young Child? Join Us for Let's Play on 1/12!
If you have a child age birth to five, you will not want to miss the CCSD93 Birth to 5 Community Coalition's Let's Play event on Saturday, January 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Stratford Middle School (251 Butterfield Drive in Bloomingdale).

Join us for this free event and you and your child will enjoy multiple indoor play stations featuring materials and activities especially for families with these young children. Many members of the Birth to 5 Community Coalition will be there, and you'll have a great one-stop-shop opportunity to see what services and resources are available for your young one in our community. Hundreds of community members stopped by at last year's event, and we're hoping for even more this year!

Find out more at, and please SHARE this with anyone you know with young children!
Register Your Child for Preschool 1/17
CCSD93's Preschool Registration for new preschool students will be Thursday, January 17 at 6 p.m. at our Early Childhood Center (ECC), located at 280 Old Gary Ave., Bloomingdale, IL.

If you're looking for a preschool for your child for next school year, look no further than CCSD93's award-winning ECC. The ECC provides a play-based environment that helps develop independent thought, problem solving, a sense of self worth, and successful group interactions in a safe and nurturing space designed just for preschool students!

If you know someone looking for a preschool in our area, please share this email with them! For more details on the ECC, view the video below. For more on Preschool Registration visit

CCSD93's Early Childhood Center: Educating the Whole Child 
CCSD93's Early Childhood Center: Educating the Whole Child
Note, CCSD93's Preschool Registration is only for students new to the ECC. Families of current ECC students will be sent separate information about registering for preschool next year in the near future.   
Attend Free Parent Presentation on 1/15
All parents are invited to a free parent presentation about nurturing persistence, determination, passion, and resilience in children on Tuesday, January 15 at noon. Nationally renowned speaker Jodi Norgaard will speak on these topics from CCSD93's District Office, 230 Covington Drive in Bloomingdale. Join us if you can! Click the image above for more info.
Attend Free Best Start for Families Program Series Starting Next Week!
CCSD93 will host two identical Three Part Parent Workshops, one at Western Trails School held on Mondays and the other at Jay Stream Middle School held on Wednesdays. They start next week, and I invite you to consider taking advantage of this terrific opportunity!
1/10 Board of Education Meeting Recap 
CCSD93's most recent Board of Education meeting was held at CCSD93's District Office Thursday, January 10. The following occurred at the meeting.
  • There was a Board Salute to the winners from each elementary and middle school of the CCSD93 Seasonal Card Contest. Here is a photo of our winners, along with the Board of Education and our art teachers!
  • There were two revised Board Policy for first reading:
    • 270.01 - Organizational Board Meetings
    • 435 - Transportation
  • CCSD93 Director of Community Relations Ryan McPherrin presented results of the 2018-19 CCSD93 Satisfaction Survey as well as this year's weekly staff Friday Morning Feedback to the Board.
  • Board members reported on highlights from workshops they attended at the 2018 Triple I Joint Annual Conference.
  • Board members reviewed their Board Goals.

Enjoy your weekend!


Bill Shields, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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