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1/21 /2016 

If you are interested in serving with the 2018 All Night Grad Party committee, and have not already let us know, please contact Mindy Kelly at

The Junior Class Dinner & Junior Guidance Night will be held Jan 28 at 6 pm. This event, hosted by the Student Services Department, is designed to introduce juniors and their parents to the college application and admissions process. Our program will begin with our class fundraiser dinner in the cafeteria from 6-7 pm. Following the dinner, students and parents will be directed to breakout sessions led by college admissions representatives. If you would like to help with dinner, please sign up here
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did you win the lottery?  
Even if you didn't win last week's Powerball, you may still have hit the jackpot.
I'll admit to buying $10 in tickets last week and having a great time going around the table listening to how the kids would spend the prize money: vacation, beach house, share with extended family, St. Jude's, church. No one asked for anything crazy (unless you call buying NYC's radio station Hot 97
I thought about how lucky we already are in the Langley community. The odds against winning were larger than any number I can pronounce, but as I consider our lives here, we may have already won the biggest lottery on the planet! We live in the United States, a democracy in which we are afforded unalienable rights -- a gift from those who sacrificed to come here and establish those rights, and the generations following who have defended them. We also live in a town with one of the best education systems in the country. Our children are exposed to amazing teachers and mentors who challenge their assumptions and force them think for themselves.
My son and I visited Haiti. And my daughter and I went to Istanbul, where we interacted daily with young Syrian refugees. These trips put many of the comforts and abilities I take for granted into perspective. Our home has electricity, running water, and food (until a group of boys shows up), and I am fortunate enough to be in full possession of my mental and physical faculties. In the words of MasterCard, this is "priceless."
So while no one in NoVa won Powerball, many of us have already won the lottery of life. What will you do with your winnings? Volunteer your time or resources? Serve as a mentor to a young person? Or, even more immediately, help shovel a older neighbor's driveway?! 
Sometimes you can offer support just by showing up. My first draft of this column encouraged everyone to support Langley's Best Buddies program by attending this Saturday's student-teacher game. Alas, the storm has cancelled the event, but please keep an eye out for its rescheduled date, where we'll all be counting our blessings! 
~ Terri Markwart, PTSA President 
staff spotlight  
Attendance office faculty member Nancy Shultz has a long association with Langley. "We've been in this area for close to 40 years," said Ms. Shultz. "My children graduated from Langley in 1997 and 1998 and I did a lot of things: raised money for Boosters, raised money for the class and helped with graduation."
Though she now calls Virginia her home, Ms. Shultz grew up in Ellington, PA. "I started out in a college in North Carolina for tennis and I loved it. (However), I transferred back to a college in my hometown and finished there," Ms. Shultz said. Eventually, she made the move to Virginia.
Ms. Shultz started working at Langley when a former principal asked her if she wanted to stay involved. "Mr. Clint Daniel asked me if I wanted to come back and I said 'yes.' This is my 17th year here!" said Ms. Shultz.
Over the years she has seen Langley evolve and change. When asked what the most noticeable changes have been, she replied, "Clearly the buildings (are) changing, which is a good thing. It's time for us to get more space and update." With all the plans on track, she expects to be working from a new attendance office in January.

Ms. Shultz stated that her favorite part about working at Langley was the students. "I really enjoy being with all students. I have a terrific bunch of kids who work for me.
It's been a labor of love."
~ Swetha Ramesh, Saxon Scope reporter
stop hunger now donations extended
These are the final two days of our Langley pyramid fundraising for upcoming Stop Hunger Now event. They haven't reached our $29,000 goal, so they still have work to do. You can use this link to make a tax-deductible donation.

The team can only package the number of meals we've raised funds to purchase. At 29 cents per meal, they can purchase and package about 65,000 of the 100,000-meals goal. Every meal feeds a family of 5, so our further donations could directly impact 500,000 children and adults.

This week is be the LAST WEEK to donate in school and online -- and now kids aren't in school anymore to give their change. If your family has not yet donated, please make a tax-deductible donation to the cause, using this link. Share the link with generous family and friends. 

You can learn more about the work that Stop Hunger Now does by visiting their  website . Please make your donation today. 
scholastic bowl sweeps tourney  
It was a great day for the Langley Saxons when the Scholastic Bowl team swept the Liberty Conference tournament for their third straight conference championship. The Saxons and runner-up McLean HS move on to compete at the regional tournament Jan 30. The team saw strong performances from senior Tyler Larkworthy and junior Nitin Rao, but also showed balance and depth as all contributed to this victory. Highlights included Tyler performing a ten second rendition of The Killers' "Mr. Brightside" for a score, and Mr. Amico being schooled in calculus by members of the team. Wish them luck as they now prepare for regionals.

The Liberty Conference Champions, coached by Coach Healy and Coach Kissling, are Tyler Larkworthy (12), Nikhil Rao (11), Nitin Rao (11), Annie Wang (11), Surya Ambardar (10), Craig Anderson (10), Esh Pandellapalli (9), Matthew Rubin (9) and Dan Ni (9).
great food, great cause! 
Enjoy dinner at Pulcinella tonight, Jan 21, and support Relay For Life of Langley-McLean and the fight against cancer. Relay For Life is a spring event in which Langley and McLean HS students come together to raise awareness and money for cancer research.
When you present this flyer to your serve, 20 percent of proceeds will be donated to Relay For Life. Dine in or take out any time between 5-9 pm. Pulcinella is located at 6852 Old Dominion Dr in McLean. Call 703-893-7777 for takeout, and mention the Langley Relay for Life Fundraiser when you place your order and bring the flyer in when you pick up. Please make a reservation for parties of six or more. 
one act competition
Saxon Stage is advancing to Regionals! We competed last weekend in the Virginia High School League (VHSL) One-Act Festival with a piece called "Meet the Roommates," directed by seniors Liam Nimick and Richie Follin. This is Saxon Stage's third trip in a row to regional competition!  
sports tryouts
Spring sports tryouts begin Mon, Feb 22. Click here for eligibility requirements. All requirements must be met BEFORE the first day of tryouts.

Visit for updated game schedule, field directions, and other information. Come out and support your fellow Saxons! Visit for membership, booster wear, Saxon sales and sponsorships. Follow us on Twitter  
class of 2020
Rising freshman orientation  will be Wed, Feb 3 at 7 pm in the cafeteria. Topics will include graduation requirements, course offerings for freshmen (core courses and electives), honors courses vs. standard courses, schedules, and expunging courses. Sonya Williams, Director of Student Services, and Alex Mantel, school counselor, will present the program. Please feel free to print out and bring a copy of the 2016-17 freshmen course catalog.
Langley counselors will also be visiting middle schools over the coming weeks and presenting this information directly to students. The scheduled dates are: Kilmer, Jan 26; Cooper, Jan 28-29; Longfellow, Feb 17. If you have any questions about the presentation you can email Alex Mantel at
reflections county winners 
Langley HS is proud to have two winners in the area 2015-16 Reflections contest. Senior Tiffany Kim received 1st place for Outstanding Interpretation in Visual Arts for her work "Celestial Tide." Freshman Yao Xiao also received  1st place for Outstanding Interpretation in Photography with his entry "Flying Underwater." Both entries will move forward into the district competition. The winners will be announced in February. This year's Reflections theme was "Let Your Imagination Fly."  Congratulations to Tiffany and Yao!
a happier holiday 
The Leadership class, along with many departments and families from Langley, provided holiday gifts for many families at Westgate ES. Westgate's families and staff were very appreciative of the Langley community's generosity. Thank you to Ms. Barnsley for coordinating this project between Langley and Westgate.
Baby, it's cold outside! Keep your favorite Saxon toasty with fleece PJ pants or a Langley hoodie!

Click on for the spirit wear online store.  
more gratitude from ptsa  
Last week, the PTSA thanked generous Langley families whose contributions benefited all LHS students and staff, and we listed some of the donors. Well, this week we continue to thank you, and we're still just as grateful. We honor our bronze donors ($101-$240) here:

Anikeef, Anthony, Arrison, Ashraf, Bailin, Bajaj, Barker, Barzman, Beers, Bidwell, Bishop (Greehan), Bollinger, Bonacci, Brown, Brownlee, Bucy, Burch, Cain, Chambers, Chawla, Child, Cho, Choudhury, Dechaine, Dempsey, Detwiler, Dhillon, Dickinson, Durand, Elkas, Ertel, Feldman, Ferris, Fitzgerald, Forburger, Fox, Fraley, T. Fredrick, Gaghan, Garcia, Garcia, Goldhush, Guagliano, Ha, Hanna, Hartman, Hauda, Hodges, Hodor, Holzapfel, Hosmer, Hosteller (Vallina), Howlett, Johnson, Kalinsky, Keating-Williams, Keffer, Khura, Kiser, Kmec, Koneru, Kuby, Kurzenhauser, Lang, Lateef, Lavin, Lervick (West), Leung, Lichtenstein, Lipman, Litschewski, Lundeen, MacDonald, Mahdessian, Main-Satterfield, Malone, Marcille, Marcovici, Marjanovic, Markwart, Medina, Meiser, Miller, Moazami (Hakimi), Montano, Mortenson, Nag, Novak, Orsolini, Owen, Pescetto, Peters-Kelly, Pfadenhauer, Pieruccini, Principe, Proxmire, Raju-Kalidindi, Rao, Rissing, Rongione, Russell, Ryan, Scherping, Sgouros, Shklyar, Shomaker, Simmons, Sonde, Sothinathan, Stephens, Swaak, Tagliareni, Tejani, Thies, Thomas, Vaichekauskas, Van Scoyoc, Vargas, Walton, Wang (Tan), Y. Wang, Warrington, Weingast, Welch, West-Stern, White, Wikberg, Youngblood, Yu, Zheng, Zhou, Zhu
Jan 28 Junior class dinner and guidance night
Feb 4 End of 2nd Quarter - early release
Feb 5 Student Holiday
Feb 9
Freshmen parent coffee
Fairfax Academy open house
Feb 11 Report cards to students
Feb 15
President's Day -- Holiday
Feb 16
Orchestra concert
Feb 17
Principal's coffee / PTSA meeting
Feb 20
Sadie's Dance

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