January 25, 2022 – Evening Update


TO: Hastings Families and Staff

RE: Mask Requirement Continues Per Court Ruling


Earlier today, I promised to keep families and staff informed of new developments with the legal process regarding New York State mask requirements. My goal is to provide clarity on what has become a confusing issue. (Please see my extended statement from mid-day.)

We learned late this afternoon that the NYS indoor mask requirement for all students and staff will be maintained through at least Friday, January 28, 2022.  According to our legal counsel,  “an Order to Show Cause has been issued by the Appellate Division, which has imposed a stay on the Nassau County Court order relating to the mask mandate. This stay will be in place at least through Friday, January 28, 2022, when the appellate court will hear further arguments. Accordingly, for the balance of this week, the indoor mask requirements for public schools should be followed.”

We also would direct families and staff to the statement released by NYSED Commissioner Betty Rosa on the ruling, available HERE.  

Stated simply, all staff and students are required to wear masks when inside Hastings school facilities.


We will provide updates after we learn the outcome of the next legal step in the process.  In the meantime, please understand that changes to COVID-19 policies and procedures will be announced by my office.   


Thank you for your cooperation.

Be well.

William S. McKersie, Ph.D. 

Superintendent of Schools