Update - January 28, 2021

Dear Friends,
Here’s the latest update on the CBS Re-Entry protocols and our approach to congregants returning to the synagogue. We continue to closely watch the trends associated with the virus and given our existing protocols we are comfortable adding these additional in-person opportunities.

  • We are increasing the number of households that can attend in-person services. We started small, allowing 16 people and then increased it to 16 households. We are now increasing it to 20 households. By using the extra space in the sanctuary and social hall, we are able to add more participants while still maintaining social distance.

  • This week we are starting in-person minyan as well as continuing on zoom. It will be on Thursdays and we will consider other minyan services as we move forward. The protocols and process to register are the same as all in-person services. Registration, waivers and masks are required. Attendees will sit socially distanced. Remember that we are limiting people coming to the office and require an appointment. If you are coming to the synagogue for in-person minyan and need to stop in the office, please call the office for an appointment.

  • Our services now include congregant participation where possible. This includes Torah reading, prayers in English and Hebrew, Haftorah and other parts of the service.

  •  A Kiddush-To-Go is made available as congregants leave the sanctuary on Shabbat. 
Warm Regards, 
The CBS Re-Entry Task Force