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School Resumes
Monday 1/6
Happy New Year! I hope you and your family have had a wonderful, restful winter break and an excellent start to the new year and new decade. We are excited to hit the ground running for the unofficial second half of the school year when students return this Monday, January 6.

Please review the following articles to keep up with the latest from CCSD93. 


David H. Hill
Superintendent of Schools
An Engaging Seasonal Dual Language Lesson
Before break, students in Karen Lee's 3rd grade Dual Language classroom at Roy DeShane took on a lesson that blended the spirit of the season with art, robotics, and language skills for a unique, relevant and engaging educational experience. 

Students commanded Sphero robots dipped in wet paint across a canvas containing notecards of English words and their Spanish translations. The goal was to move the robot from word to word to create a coherent sentence, with the resulting paint trail serving as both an artistic expression and practical tracker of the sentence's word order. 

Here's a list of sentences the students created followed by images of the action!
English: Exhausted Santa quietly took delicious cookies off the plate.
Español: El Santa agotado quitó calladamente galletas deliciosas del plato. 

English: The generous Grinch unexpectedly surprised everyone with delicious hot chocolate.
Español: El Grinch generoso sorprendió a todos inesperadamente con delicioso chocolate caliente. 

English: The hungry children sneakily ate cake before dinner.
Español: Los niños hambrientos traviesamente comieron pastel antes de la cena.
Register Your Child for Preschool on 1/16!
Preschool Registration for the 2020-21 school year will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday, January 16, 2020 at CCSD93's Early Childhood Center (280 Old Gary Ave., Bloomingdale, IL).

If you're in need of a preschool for your child for next school year, then look no further than CCSD93's award-winning Early Childhood Center (ECC)! The ECC provides a play-based environment that helps students of all backgrounds develop independent thought, problem solving, a sense of self worth, and successful group interactions in a safe and nurturing space designed just for 3- and 4-year-olds.

Registration is open to any interested community members with children who will be age 3 or 4 by September 1, 2020. Space fills up quickly, so attending Preschool Registration is your best chance at a spot.  If you know someone who may be interested, please FORWARD this email on to them! 

Be sure to RSVP to CCSD93's Preschool Registration on Facebook to be reminded of the event.  For more details on all of the amazing ways CCSD93's ECC prepares preschool students for kindergarten and beyond, view the video below!
1/9 Board of Education Meeting Preview
The next CCSD93 Board of Education meeting will be held Thursday, January 9 at CCSD93's District Office, 230 Covington Drive in Bloomingdale. All community members are invited to attend. The following are among the agenda items.
  • CCSD93 Director of Communications Ryan McPherrin will present the results of the 2019-20 Parent, Student and Staff Satisfaction Survey Results.
  • There will be five revised Board Policies for first reading:
    • 720.05 - Psychological & Social Services
    • 720.07 - Social & Emotional Development
    • 720.31 - Suicide & Depression Awareness & Prevention
    • 720.14 - Administering Medicine to Students
    • 270.07 - School Board Meeting Procedure
  • There will be seven revised Board Policies for second reading:
    • 250 - Board/Superintendent Relationship
    • 251 - Educational Service Region Communications
    • 255.01 - Standing Committees
    • 255.02 - Superintendent Committees
    • 259 - School District Business Official
    • 260 - School Attorney
    • 270.11 - Distribution of Materials
  • There will be a discussion on the School Maintenance Project Grant.
  • The Board will vote on a resolution to approve the sale of MacBook computers to graduating 8th grade students. 
  • The Board will vote on the approval of conference expense reports for employees and Board members.
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