District Update from Dr. Wagner
Dear Fairview families,

We’ve received the good news that Cuyahoga County school personnel are scheduled to receive their first COVID-19 vaccination the week of Feb. 8th.  (The second vaccination would be somewhere around the first week in March.)  Honestly, I was not optimistic that it would be quite so soon!

There is MORE good news: As you can see in the data table below, the Cuyahoga County positivity rates have continued to drop dramatically through the month of January. Given this information and the data showing that about 75% immunity is built up 7-10 days following the first vaccination, we have developed the following plan for the return to a regular school schedule.  This schedule will allow all of our school personnel to receive their first vaccination and have the time needed for it to take effect, protecting both them and your children.

Week of Feb. 1st CONFIRMED

Week of Feb. 8th CONFIRMED

Week of Feb. 15th CONFIRMED

No school for students or staff on Monday, Feb. 15 in observance of President’s Day

Week of Feb. 22nd. CONFIRMED
“All In”  Grades K-12 return to regular schedule (“All-in”: all students, every day) 
I know the idea of returning your children to a regular schedule creates anxiety.  However, we’ve pushed through that anxiety several times already in this pandemic and have been fine as we’ve shifted from remote to hybrid.  The same will be true for our return to a regular schedule.  The data we’ve collected since our return this past fall has shown that our tight adherence to our multiple safety and sanitation strategies has resulted in no known cases of COVID transmission in the school.  Every case we’ve traced appears to have been contracted OUTSIDE of school and not spread while students are in school.  We certainly don’t want anyone to get COVID - at home OR school - and if we see an increase of infections caused by a more contagious variant or just pandemic fatigue, we can drop back to hybrid or remote as needed.

We’ve learned SO much throughout this pandemic and we’ve tried our best to blend that information with the safest path that balances the many conflicting factors and the social, emotional, and educational needs of our children at all grade levels.  Thank you so very much for your understanding.  I know this has been hard.  It’s been hard on everyone.  We will continue to be vigilant, cautious, and safety-focused.  Keep the faith. 

Students currently in the Remote Learning Only (RLO) program can remain in the RLO program through the remainder of this school year, if preferred.  I encourage parents who are concerned about sending their students back to school on a regular schedule starting February 15th to contact their child’s teachers, school counselors or building principal.  There is limited space in the RLO program at some levels and we cannot guarantee the ability to transition to it, if desired. In grades K-5, a change of teacher occurs when moving into the RLO program, and I know many parents do not want to disrupt the relationships that have already formed this past semester.

Stay safe, be well, and keep smiling.

Dr. Bill Wagner, Superintendent
Fairview Park City Schools