November 2017

According to the American Diabetes Association approximately 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year. Diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S.

VMC recognizes that living with diabetes can be a day-to-day challenge. You don't have to manage your diabetes alone. Seek support from VMC's health professionals. Together we can help you manage diabetes. 

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What does foot and ankle surgeon,
Dr. Hagen say about diabetes in the
Central Valley?
Jeffrey Hagen, DPM
I have been shocked at the sheer number of people with diabetes and its complications, particularly in the Central Valley.

Uncontrolled diabetes causes damage all over the body and can lead to nerve and circulatory damage to the feet and lower legs. In fact, about 73,000 amputations were performed in the U.S. in one year alone due to uncontrolled diabetes.

I look forward to helping you return to the activities you love, and to maintaining healthy control of your diabetes, working closely with VMC's certified diabetes educator Susan Smith, Ph.D.

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Don't let your diabetes interfere
with your holidays
By Susan J. Smith, Ph.D., CDE
Susan Smith, Ph.D.
The holidays are already upon us.  Just as you are planning for holiday get-togethers, sharing, parties and gifts, don't forget to plan ahead to take care of your diabetes.

Planning and preparation are at least 50 percent of your diabetes management. As things get busier with more to do, be sure to stay on track with your diabetes management.  Continuing your daily physical activity program is essential, and our weather is perfect for being outside and getting exercise. 

If you see your blood sugars increasing, increase your duration of activity by 5-10 minutes daily.  Use your exercise time to mentally organize yourself for upcoming activities and to increase your energy level.

Keeping blood sugars in control should be your #1 priority so you can thoroughly enjoy the holidays. Read full article
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  • Have you thought about an Advance Directive?
If you were unable to make health care decisions for yourself who would make them for you? Don't wait until it is too late; speak with your physician about your California Advance Health Care Directive.
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  • Visalia Medical Clinic now offers The Wellness Center, a program designed just for Medicare patients to help ensure that they receive their free annual preventative care visits.
The Wellness Center offers no-cost wellness visits that include creation of a prevention plan designed to keep our Medicare patients healthier and more independent.

Each Wellness Center patient receives a personalized Health Risk Assessment that identifies risk factors for future health problems. Staff then develops a screening schedule to monitor each patient's health going forward and offers education on health conditions and medications.
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