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This tough guy is all about playing football the best that he can. He likes to play defense because he finds tackling the other team exciting.

When he isn't playing football, he watches it on TV and cheers on his favorite teams. Football is almost 24/7 for Marcus, so much that he wants be a football player when he grows up.

When he's not playing or watching football, Marcus can 
be found toying with his Leapster or watching cartoons. Right now, he loves Super Why! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

He will listen to hip/hop music and some songs from various Disney movies. Marcus' favorite place to visit when it's nice outside is the Cincinnati Nature Center - he loves to camp, hike, and go boating.

Marcus is a thoughtful, energetic boy. He will need a family that can encourage this behavior while also teaching him to express his other emotions properly. An active family, with maybe a few dogs Marcus can play with, will be the perfect fit.

Foster parents: we need more of you

We do a lot of advertising and recruiting to try to find more foster parents. But what we know is our best recruiters are our current foster parents.
You might have seen our social media posts about 40+ percent of our foster children having to be placed outside of Hamilton County - that's the reason for our #bring40back campaign. You'll continue to see that hashtag, an attempt to emphasize that being placed locally is important.

So please, if you know of anyone who has been interested in your foster care experience, please talk to them about becoming a foster parent.

Shoes, shoes, shoes: 1,500 pair

We can't say enough THANK YOUs to Sibcy Cline and Julie Phillippi-Whitney, the two forces that came together to get us so many new shoes for our kids in foster care.

Their Sweet Soles for Love campaign, which ended on Valentine's Day, was the third annual campaign. First, they collected suitcases, and last year the drive was for hats, gloves and scarves.

Looking for foster youth graduating from high school

It's quite a big achievement for youth in foster care to graduate from high school. And we make a very big deal out of it.
Our annual Celebration of Dreams event is June 8, with awards, gifts, a motivational speaker and great food. Grads are allowed to choose two people they want to invite, and their caseworkers, HEMI mentors and GALs will be invited also.

If you know a teenager in foster care who you think will graduate this year, please email Jane Prendergast.

Do you know a teen who could use a free prom dress?


As we head toward spring, our teenagers in foster care are beginning to think about college visits, prom and graduation.

But those big life events bring extra costs that our foster parents often can't afford. To fill in those gaps, we created  the Family Fund. 
Donations to the fund allow our workers to help kids on their caseloads with things like prom dresses, car repairs and fees for their graduation caps and gowns. 

As the number of kids in foster care continues to grow, these needs also will increase. Please consider  donating.

Thank you.

Conference about issues our youth face

If you are a child welfare worker, foster parent or anyone else who helps care for youth, check out the  #askmewhoiam conference .

Sponsored by Talbert House and Journey, the March 27 event will feature "Rapping Dad" Derek Clark, a motivational speaker. Workshop topics include adolescent brain development, drug and alcohol abuse prevention and trauma-informed care.