April 21, 2023

1 Hamilton Drive: Housing Update

Planning Application Submitted. On April 20, 2023 the EAH project team filed a planning application with the City's Planning Division. The application includes the construction of 45 apartments for individuals and families with household incomes of $150,000 or less per year. These affordable rental units would be constructed and managed by EAH Housing through a lease agreement with a City, established as part of the project. In order to build housing and residential parking on site, the project also proposes to relocate the existing public parking and restrooms currently located on the northern portion of 1 Hamilton to the adjacent Public Safety Building (PSB) parking lot.  See additional details below. 

The City of Mill Valley, in partnership with EAH Housing, is proposing to develop affordable housing on the northern portion of a City-owned property, known as 1 Hamilton Drive.

Study Session Scheduled for May 23, 2023 (6:30pm)

The Planning Commission will review the preliminary design review plans (available on the project website) at a Study Session scheduled for May 23, 2023 at 6:30pm in City Hall (26 Corte Madera Avenue, Mill Valley, CA). The purpose of the Study Session hearing is to provide feedback on the preliminary design prepared by the EAH project team based on feedback received to date. 

City planners have scheduled the installation of story poles on the project site beginning May 15, and may be viewed from May 18 through May 25 to provide community members with a visual representation of the proposed building envelope prior to the meeting. Installation of the poles and supporting guy wires will require closure of the public parking lot. The City will communicate limited parking availability to local sports programs and through various City-wide email and social media notifications. 

The Study Session is an informational hearing to provide feedback and the Commission will not take any formal action on the project. 

View Preliminary Design Application

Preliminary design and landscape plans are available on the project website: www.cityofmillvalley.org/hamilton

Plans may also be viewed at City Hall during Planning Department Counter Hours, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11am, or by appointment

Overview of Process and Next Steps 

Staff from various City departments are evaluating the planning application package and will present the development proposal to the Planning Commission at the May 23, 2023 meeting. City staff will prepare a report in advance of Study Session, which will evaluate and identify issues for discussion, and will be available on the project website approximately 5 days prior to the meeting. The Study Session is intended to allow the Planning Commission and the community the opportunity to review and comment on project design. No formal action will be taken at the hearing.  

Following the Study Session hearing, the EAH design team will receive input and make revisions to the project design and return to the Planning Commission for further public review on the planning applications, including design review and evaluation of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) being prepared to evaluate the environmental impacts of the proposed project. City staff anticipates that a Draft EIR will be available for the community's review and comment in June 2023.   

After reviewing the Draft EIR and revised application materials, Planning Commission hearings will be scheduled as part of the development review process. Planning Commission will then make recommendations to City Council regarding final action on the project.

Summary of Application

The proposed housing development includes the construction of a four-story podium-style building with 45 affordable rental apartments, a ground floor parking garage with 65 residential parking spaces and an outdoor courtyard for the residents. The project also includes the replacement of the existing 38 public parking spaces and public restroom facilities on the site. The proposal also reconfigures the existing PSB parking lot to include up to 50 public parking spaces, public restrooms, and electric vehicle charging, and secured parking for police and fire vehicles in the rear of the PSB parking lot. The proposed entry to the residential parking garage will connect to the reconfigured PSB public parking to reduce curb cuts along Hamilton Drive.

Most of the building footprint for the housing development is located on the existing parking lot to minimize the amount of grading. The building design includes a ground floor parking garage with three floors of residential housing above. An outdoor courtyard is located above the podium facing Hamilton Drive. The maximum height of the four-story building at the roof ridge and at the top of elevator and stair enclosure would be approximately 53 feet above natural grade. 

Approximately 45 trees would be removed in order to construct the proposed project, including several trees on the PSB site. The project will be required to obtain a tree removal permit and comply with all applicable tree replacement and landscaping requirements.  

The City’s General Plan land use designation for the housing site is currently CF (Community Facilities) and the zoning district is O-A (Open Area). The City’s Housing Element Update will change the General Plan designation to MFR 2 (Multi-Family Residential–2). A change to the zoning district (to RM-B, Multi-Family Residential–Bayfront) is also required to implement the project. The Planning Commission and City Council will review the zone change as one of the actions to approve the project.  A lease agreement is also be required to build and manage the proposed affordable rental units on the city-owned property.

For More Information

To review application materials or view additional supporting information, visit the project website: www.cityofmillvalley.org/hamilton.  

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Planning Commission meeting agenda materials will be available prior to the meetings on the City’s Meeting Agenda and Minutes Page. The City welcomes all community members to participate by commenting on the project prior to or during the meeting. We strongly encourage commenters to submit written comments at least one day prior to the public hearing. During the public hearing, the Planning Commission Chair will provide a time for public comments, limited to approximately 3 minutes per speaker. Written public comments also will be accepted via email submitted to: Steve Ross at sross@cityofmillvalley.org.