Jenny Bramble on Connection,
Cats, and Future of Testing
Upcoming 2020 Keynote Jenny Bramble is a Senior Software Test Engineer at WillowTree, knowledgeable mushroom hunter, talented back-bending enthusiast, and one of the most lauded PNSQC presenters two years running.

What's it like working with her? Jenny recently answered a few questions about her work, her team, her thoughts on the future of testing, and, of course, her adorable cats who often make a guest appearance on her talk slides. 

“I love the idea that automation gives us more space to be human — when we let computers, AI, and automation take on the busywork and act as our safety nets, we have more time to explore applications, or learn to play an instrument, or hang out with friends and family. Especially these days, making sure we have some time to be human is really important.”

Be sure to register now to the conference so you don't miss Jenny’s Keynote presentation at PNSQC 2020, this October 12-14.
September 30th Webinar
Delves into Change Initiatives
Staying competitive and quality-focused over time requires evolving and adapting to changes in business requirements and environmental factors. But, not all software or IT-based Change Initiatives are created equal.

In the upcoming webinar “Transformative Change Initiatives Require a Culture of Quality,” you will get a better understanding of success factors for enterprise-scale Transformative Change Initiatives — how to think about them, the challenges, and how to address their inherent complexity.

PNSQC Program Chair Phil Lew will moderate this online discussion, with two panelists: Interim Manager of E-Government and Statewide Quality Assurance in Oregon state government Ying Ki Kwong (pictured at right) and Jack McDowell, an Operations & Policy Analyst for the State of Oregon's Statewide QA and E-Government Program.

Join us for this free webinar on Wednesday, September 30, from 10:30-11:30 AM PDT. This event is co-sponsored by the Statewide QA Program of the State of Oregon and PNSQC.
PNSQC Appreciation
“I love PNSQC. It gives speakers the chance to interface with attendees.
People would come over to me and said, ‘Hey, let’s talk! Let’s talk about QA, Let’s talk about testing. What sessions did
you see?’
That’s awesome that we could have that kind of connection.
What I really feel is the best thing about this conference is the authentic human connection that makes all of the sessions better, because you get to repeat them. You get to have these experiences again and get enriched by everyone around you.”

PNSQC 2018-2019 technical presenter, 2020 Keynote Speaker