In 2021 the power of collective giving raised enough money in one single night to complete the construction costs for the new Tom Maas Boys and Girls Clubhouse in Paso Robles. The project is 100% complete and today serving more than double the youth in our community. Check it out!


We recently had a happy trails 'goodbye, but not really goodbye' celebration for someone who has helped us move the needle in our community in ways that could not have been done without her. Kyle Flaherty joined our team as an outside consultant in January 2013. Over the years, Kyle increased her consulting hours with us and eventually became our full-time Brand Warrior. Born and raised in this area, Kyle wants to give back to the community. If you know Kyle, you would know when she is involved; she is ALL IN, 100% fired up, and working her butt off behind the scenes to make the magic happen. Becky has always said, "Kyle makes me look good", and she has meant it time. Kyle recently decided to leave the full-time gig and return to being an outside consultant for Must! Charities. We are stoked at the opportunity to keep her on our team as a consultant. We are thrilled for her and her family, as she homeschools two teenage boys and fulfills her love of exploring, playing more pickleball, part-time RV'ing, and traveling the world. 


you can view project updates on our website

On each project page, follow the progress bar and click on the leaf icons along the way. A pop-up window will appear with the latest impacts and updates. We've included the current project links below:

Boys & Girls Club at Creston Elementary

21st Century Crisis Call Center with TMHA

Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship Fund: A Vineyard Team Initiative


What if giving could be done better?

10 years ago, our founders asked each other that question. And we are forever grateful because of it. Our community is better off, and nonprofits that were once struggling are thriving. Collective giving unlocks potential.

This month we enter into the Season of Giving with gratitude.

Together we make a difference!


We are in the process of vetting new projects and will be rolling out some exciting news after the first of the year. In 2022 we made just over a half million dollar giving commitment to Transitions Mental Health Association so that they are better equipped to address the needs of our community. We have just under $200K remaining to fulfill that giving commitment. Your investment not only transforms individual lives it transforms  entire community! 


Must! Charities


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