"The Call to Joy"
Silent Retreat
Oct 9 ~ 13, 2019


Santa Sabina Center
25 Magnolia Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901
San Rafael, CA

"All are called, yet few choose to listen." ~ A Course in Miracles

Do you long for true, abiding Joy ? Do you hear the Still Small Voice within call to you? What causes us to neglect and postpone listening to this gentle beckoning Home? Immersed in the serene atmosphere of Silence, the mind surrenders, receiving blessings of ineffable Joy .

In the beauty and simplicity of Santa Sabina, the Center provides a sacred environment that nurtures contemplative quiet . During this 4-day retreat, you are invited to let the world recede from you, be still, and discover the Joy that is yours.

Post Retreat Meeting
October 14, 2019
2 - 3pm
The Chapel, Community Church Sebastopol

All participants are warmly encouraged to attend this essential element of the retreat. The purpose is to provide support for the natural changes that occur as you emerge from silence and integrating your deeper experiences into daily life.


Each participant in residence has a private room. All meals are provided and include delicious o rganic, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan cuisine.


25 Magnolia Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901

Registration Fee: Single room includes all meals - $1095

Commuter spaces available - includes all meals - $845*
(Meals include Dinner Wednesday thru Breakfast Sunday)


NEW! Scholarship Program is open.
Call Anasuya for more information.

Retreat schedule will be provided upon registration.

*Cancellation Policy: After Sep 9, retreat fee is due in full and non-refundable.



707-889-3510 ~ anasuyaji@gmail.com
Anasuya, born Linda Floan, began studying and teaching A Course in Miracles in 1980. Through her fresh inquiry and direct experience that only Love is real , Anasuya offers a safe and healing environment  for meeting in the Heart . Anasuya invites you into the Presence of Love , teaching how to draw the mind into the Heart and trust the Still Small Voice within.