It has been an incredible journey for me the past couple of weeks, well really the past couple of years towards this concert. Performing in tandem with Kaeja and Cloud 9 has been a beautiful thing. I have learned so much about myself, digging into the creative process with several commissions and performing three generous choreographies by the wild imaginations of DA, Lina and Allen. I am loving it and each of the dancers and collaborators.

I feel like I have stumbled into that place where transformation of human, thinker, artist and performer have found a confluence that I am transfixed by. I am grateful for all my body practitioners who have taught me or delivered their talents to keeping my body tuned, all these years!

And for CRAVE, my beautiful dancing duo of Stéph and Michael, along with Sarah Shugarman's score and live string-quartet, I am deeply honoured by what you give to my work. - Karen 

Saturday, May 20 (tomorrow) | 8PM

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 Merideth Plumb, Ana Groppler, Mateo Galindo Torres, Stéphanie Tremblay, Michael Caldwell & Karen Kaeja in Allen Kaeja's DEFIANT. Photos by: Irina Popova
Michael Caldwell & Stéphanie Tremblay in Karen Kaeja's CRAVE. Photos by: Irina Popova
"An amazing, provocative, gorgeous and still-with-me evening of dance!!" - Liz Haines

"Intense and Powerful" - Hernan Morris

"Each very different yet unmistakably Kaeja!" - Michael McNamara

" extraordinary range of ideas, emotions, and physicality...a visceral experience." - Christine Jackson
"...a frank and honest look at what it means to live and grow in human bodies" - Blake Martin

"...a powerful reminder of the effectiveness of work born in the caldron of real people's lives." - Alon Nashman

"...f*cking mind-blowing." - Robi McKenna

"Visually and Emotionally Irresistible" - Laurence Siegel

"Truly Beautiful" - Douglas Anweiler 
CRAVE/DEFIANT will be performed on alternating evenings with Cloud 9's program,  May 9-20  at  The Theatre Centre
2 shows left for Cloud 9!
(special note for our readers... use promo code: moon for $20 tickets!)
Kaeja d'Dance congratulates Yvonne Ng, 2017 winner of the Toronto Arts Foundation Muriel Sherrin Award! We are thrilled that Yvonne is one our our choreographers for Porch View Dances in Seaton Village this year.
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