One Down Eleven To Go
It's been an interesting month to say the least. This month we've had incredibly tricky toilet repairs, (which you can see on our facebook. If you haven't already, give us a like and check out our content) We also repaired another under-mount sink which you can see below. We added structure to an old garage and as always we caulked some tubs and shower.
Tip Of The Month: Weird and Wonderful Noises Your House Makes
Boom, Whack, Clang, Pow! Sometimes, much like humans, houses makes funny noises that need to be addressed and other times it might just be hot air... Houses have many moving parts and they need to be maintained to keep you home safe. In this Tip of the Month you'll learn about the sounds to address and where they come from.

A New Accomplishment
We received the email January 25th but apparently it's been up since August 24th. We were ranked one of the top eleven handyman companies in the city of Toronto by . They are a handyman reviewing website that spans multiple countries.

They use reviews found from across the web and information from the company websites to determine the top companies in the city.
Installing an Under-mount Sink the Right Way
Before: Many contractors simply glue under-mount sinks up with silicone. It saves them money and time but leaves you to deal with an unsecured sink a few years later. Under-mount sinks always need a mechanical connection or they simply won't last.
During: Like we mentioned before to mount an under-mount sinks properly you need a mechanical connection. Where space allows we prefrer CinClips. Easy to install and sturdy as can be.
After: After removing the old silicone and cleaning the surface we applied a new bead of silicone and taped it up in place. once sturdy we went under the sink to screw in the CinClips and cleaned up the silicone. We left the tape on the back for support while the silicone drys.
If you have an under-mount sink that concerns you, let us know. We'd be happy to come and take a look. We've seen this far too often. Don't leave your sink swaying in the breeze. Secure it properly with My Go-2 Guy. Because doing it right costs less than doing it over.