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Featured Insulin Reaction Supplies
Price:  $5.25
As Low As:  $4.99

Hypoglycemia can strike at any time, anywhere. It's important to know that Dex4 Assorted Fruit Tablets go where you go so you're prepared. Dex4 Tablets are a healthy alternative to candy, cola and juice.

Price:  $5.25
As Low As:  $4.99

Price:  $5.25
As Low As:  $4.99
Featured Food Supplies
Price:  $7.99   
  • Sugar free candy
  • Approximately 80 pieces
  • Serving Size: 3 pieces
  • Servings Per Container: Approximately 26
  • Calories per serving: 70
  • Total Carbohydrate 17g
Featured Testing Supplies
Price:  $9.99

Bayer Contour Next Meter is highly accurate and easy-to-use for patients using insulin who are already testing.


  • Shown to deliver close to lab-level accuracy for results you can trust
  • Easy to use with Second-Chance sampling allows you to apply more blood to help prevent wasted test strips and save money
  • Intuitive design with simple on-screen messages
  • English or Spanish settings — plus 12 other languages

Price:  $29.99
As Low As:  $28.44
Featured Personal Care Supplies
  Price:  $10.99

Soft, moist skin is a luxury for everyone, but for a person with diabetes, it is a necessity. Only DiaDerm Foot Rejuvenating Cream gives you the deep penetrating moisture your skin needs to stay healthy and supple.

Price: $3.59
Sale Price:  $2.99
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