This coming Tuesday, August 17th marks my 14th(!) anniversary helping folks of every background get unstuck and gain clarity, balance and direction in their career and life. (Shout-out to my very first client Lisette! <3)

Who knew when I graduated with my degree in International Relations that this is what I would be doing, but if you read my PGG All Roads, Same Place you'll see how that all happened...and the clients from around the world continue to amaze me. Most recently, a woman from Hong Kong living in Germany, a woman from Bahrain, a Macedonian man living in Sweden, a Mexican woman living in Belgium and a man from Saudi Arabia. And like I said in the essay, it just confirms to me over and over that we are more alike than we are different no matter who we are or where we come from, or now another category - how we choose to take care of our bodies.

And when I first started out, most of my clients were women, but a few years in I realized that men needed help as well but didn't have as many outlets to talk about things like personal growth and transformation. In my opinion, all the unhealed wounds and cultural taboos/perceptions about how men shouldn't be vulnerable etc. have contributed to the imbalanced at the least and violent at its worst society we currently find ourselves. Because our careers take up the majority of our time and energy and everything is connected, being stuck in one's job becomes a way to explore, heal and find more balance within.

I'm happy to report then that the amount of my male clients has steadily increased every year since that realization, and now makes up probably half my roster. It has been especially rewarding to work with so many who have had the courage to open up and really address some deeper needs in order to find more fulfillment and peace in their careers and lives, as we are all better for it. I am truly honored and grateful to any of my male clients reading this out there who have allowed me in to help you navigate this sensitive territory.

Today's essay talks about dedicating ourselves to something over time and the results it can yield. The PGG Video of the Week is my answer on a panel discussion about coaching and how I can help or this one about taking your life seriously. and this week's Instagram post about how working with me makes you feel seen. The PGG Vibe of the Week is Shining Star by Earth, Wind & Fire to remind you no matter who you are (or what you choose) shine bright for you to see what your life can truly be ;)

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Big hug <3

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