I am happy to announce that Child Foundation has reached another great milestone – we have sponsored 10,000 children in Iran! Through our OFAC license , and the generosity of our donors, Child Foundation has helped these children gain access to education. But our work is not done yet! With your help we can continue to increase this number. Visit our waiting list to see how you can change a child's life today.

June 4th is the United Nations International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression. It is a sad reality that in situations of armed conflict, it is the children who are most affected by the consequences of war. The day is meant to acknowledge the pain suffered by children throughout the world who are the victims of physical, mental and emotional abuse.

Child Foundation has been actively supporting children and their families who have become refugees because of conflict. More recently, Child Foundation has been collaborating with Doctors without Borders to provid e vaccination for Yemeni children. Visit our website to see how you can contribute toward this effort and our refugee fund.  

Thank you,  

Kamyar Lashgari 
President & CEO
Conex Update
In February Child Foundation reported the distribution of 800 pairs of shoes to children in south Roodbar who were walking to school in slippers. Upon delivery of the shoes, it was reported that the classrooms of these same children were also in terrible condition.

Child Foundation teamed up with the Razi Medical Foundation and a group of kind donors from the Los Angeles area and purchased and delivered four new Conex units. We are happy to report that one Conex has been received in the village of Moshtan , one in the village of Naser Abad , and two in Chamtaki .

If you wish to participate in creating a safe and secure place for children who had lost their schools in the earthquake, please visit here .
Rizqi is a hardworking twelve-year-old boy from Bandung, Indonesia. He is in Elementary School, grade fifth. He is the only child of the family. They all live in a room in his grandmother’s house in the village of Caladi nearby Bandung. 
There aren’t many job opportunities in that area, therefore, Rizqi’s father works as a daily laborer, but it is not a steady position, and they are having a hard time. Rizqi is a brilliant student with outstanding grades.
Upon reviewing Rizqi's case, Child Foundation is supporting this talented student with $60 monthly scholarship to allow him to pursue his education. Join us in creating a better future for him. You can be one of Rizqi's heroes starting at $30 per month.

To preserve the privacy of the children and their families, Child Foundation will only provide details of each child to their designated sponsor.
Aida is a talented ninth grader from Bam. She does not have mother or father in her life and lives with her paternal grandparents. In her short life, Aida has had many difficulties. Despite this, she pursues her studies with great interest. She completed the previous year with a 19.79 GPA. Aida’s grandfather who was previously a day laborer, is elderly and ill and is unable to fully support Aida. Aida has many dreams which she can achieve with the right kind of support.

Upon reviewing Aida’s case, Child Foundation is honored to grant this talented student with a monthly scholarship of $42 to allow her to pursue her education. Join us in creating a better tomorrow and lowering compulsory school dropout rates.   
You can be one of Aida’s heroes starting at $30 a month.   

 To preserve the privacy of the children and their families, Child Foundation will only provide details of each child to their designated sponsor.
Summer Festivities!   
Summer festivals and events are about to begin all over the country. If you wish to represent Child Foundation in any of these events, please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary marketing materials.

Volunteers are Child Foundation’s backbone. Many of our programs would not be made possible without the selfless help of these individuals.  As summer approaches and we prepare for more activities, we are looking to increase our volunteer database. Complete our volunteer  application  and learn how you can get involved.  
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