10/23 UN/World Cultures Day
10/29-30 Parent / Teacher Conferences - No School or Childcare
11/11 Veterans Day - No School or Childcare
11/23-27 Thanksgiving Break
LIFE AT VMS: Thoughtful and Measured Planning
by Ann Clark, Head of School
Dear parents,

Alameda County has been approved to allow elementary schools, who have implemented safety protocols and a published reopening plan, the choice to open for in-person instruction. Since VMS has been open this year for our toddler and primary programs, as well as for elementary and middle school childcare, our Covid-19 safety procedures are in practice and proven to be effective.

The final step in the reopening process is to submit our plan for returning to in-person instruction in the elementary program, which includes all safety protocols, to the ACPHD/ACOE for final approval. Though our goal is to eventually bring all students back to campus, we are approaching the full school reopening plan in a very thoughtful and measured way. This gradual approach will allow us to enhance the learning for the on-campus students by including in-person teacher lessons while maintaining the integrity of the distance learning programs for those students who are continuing to learn from home.

As our reopening plan unfolds, we will keep you informed of next steps and timelines. All decisions will take into account our greatest priority, keeping our students, staff and families safe and healthy. Our commitment to this includes the ongoing staff Covid testing that we started this month as recommended by Alameda County Guidance.

As we move forward, it will be important that we collectively own responsibility to keep our students safe. The more carefully we implement health and safety protocols at home and when we are in the community, the safer students and staff will be when at school. We understand that many of you are eager to get your children back on campus and appreciate your patience as we execute an intentionally phased reopening plan.

Friday, October 23, 2020 is our annual day set aside to celebrate our strong community and honor its diversity. Historically, this has been a favorite day among many VMS families as we dress, sing and share food from various heritages.

This year, the day will be different but the spirit of celebration will remain the same! We are gathering photos and video clips of VMS students singing both remotely and on campus. We will share the final video with the entire VMS community on the 23rd.

In addition, since UN / World Cultures Day is usually a chance for families to share their treasured family recipes from their heritage, we are working behind the scenes to publish a digital VMS Cookbook: Recipes from Around the World. Send your recipes ASAP to
Our VMS on-campus Purple Air Sensor is available here on You can see our VMS sensor on the right in the following image. Circled in red, is the current conversion we are using to determine if children can be outside - LRAPA from the dropdown menu. Anything over 100 is "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups" which means the children remain indoors.
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