District Update from Dr. Wagner
Fairview Families:

As you may have already learned, the state of Ohio and Cuyahoga County saw a significant jump in the spread of COVID-19 this past week.  Cuyahoga County jumped from Level 2/ORANGE to Level 3/RED.  The county previously met 3 of 7 indicators on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System and this week now meets 5 of 7.  Thankfully, up to this point in time, we have not had any outbreaks while we’ve been in hybrid mode.  The staff and administration at the buildings have been doing a TREMENDOUS job keeping masks on, maintaining safe distances, practicing good hand, sneeze, and cough hygiene, and vigorously cleaning and sanitizing. I am extremely proud of everyone’s efforts to keep each other safe.  

Planning for next week, we will continue in hybrid mode and keep close watch on the numbers (as always). If next week’s numbers increase again, we will plan for a shift back into all remote mode starting either October 26th or November 2nd.  If the numbers drop or remain about where they are now, we will continue in hybrid mode for another week, keep watching the numbers, and keep praying for the ability to keep kids in school as much as possible.

I know the uncertainty and ambiguity from week to week can be very frustrating.(Trust me, I totally share that anxiety and stress!) I wish we did not have to deal with this crazy pandemic and could just be “doing school”.  (I promise, I’ll never complain about noisy, crowded hallways again!)  It sure makes me appreciate when things were “normal” just a year ago.  Please know that everyone is doing absolutely EVERYTHING possible to make this school year the best it can possibly be for your children and for all of you.  Hang in there.  We WILL get through this, together.  Thank you all for your patience, understanding, communication, cooperation, and kindness.  I think just about everyone feels like a raw nerve these days, and the compassion and caring I’ve seen all around has been truly inspiring.  Thank you for being a part of that.  This is what it means to be “A Community United”.  Keep the faith, be safe, and keep smiling.

Reminder: in case you missed it, we shared very critical information on Issue 72 in a Community Presentation video yesterday (and one on September 30). You can watch the video or download a transcript of the presentation slides. All the information regarding the continuing operating levy on the ballot is available at www.fairviewparkschools.org/issue72

Thank you, and stay well.

Dr. Bill Wagner