It’s never too late to register for the workshop series, Parenting with a Coaching Mindset! Each workshop session stands on its own, so you can pop in and out of the series, and still get a lot of value. Session 2 is next Tuesday, October 6, at 12pm, via Zoom. This workshop series is sponsored by Green Mountain High School, and it's free to parents in Jefferson County Schools. The same session 2 will also be held on Wednesday, October 14, from 7-8pm, via Zoom. If you can't make them, you can attend the FB Live session on Thursday, October 15, from 8 to 8:30am. You are free to attend all 3 of these sessions, if you like. To register for this workshop series, first, email me your first and last name. Then, send me a Friend Request via FB, and I will invite you to the group, Coaching Your Kids, where the FB Live sessions happen. The FB Live video of Session 1 is saved on this page, and I highly recommend that you watch it, and do the homework.  This page contains other content that is supportive to parents. You are free to post your challenges with parenting, get support, coaching tips, etc.. It's a totally safe space!