Confirmation Lesson
The Human Condition
This week's confirmation class, Oct. 7, the second session was interrupted when my computer shut down due to overheating. We were half way through our lesson so I wanted to send the information out so that the students still got it all.
Please share this information with large group session 2 students.
-Leisha Tays, Director of Confirmation & Youth Ministries
Key Words
SIN: an action that causes a breakdown of relationships—human relationships, divine-human relationships, or relationships with creation. Sin leads to separation and alienation in our lives.
JUDGMENT: the act of deciding what action or punishment results when someone rebels and does something wrong.
SEPARATION: division, end of a relationship, and the consequence of one’s actions. Separation is distancing oneself from another person.
MERCY: compassionate treatment and lovingkindness. God’s mercy is evident in the forgiveness we receive daily.
Video - Genesis 3
Genesis 3
Open up to Genesis 3 in your Bible.
Let's look at a few spots, underline and jot some notes down. See the example picture here.

3:5 - Underline "God knows" and make a note: Only God can know all things

3:5 - Underline "your eyes will be opened" and make a note: I need to see that I am not perfect

3:5 - Underline "you will be like God" and make a note: We are limited

Read the rest of chapter three and make a note on this observation, when God experienced the first time humans didn't trust God: God didn't say for us to hate ourselves because we're sinners. God invites us to see ourselves.
Object Lesson
Matthew 4:1-11
Read Matthew 4:1-11.
If you are being tempted, are you sinning?
No. Jesus was tempted, Jesus was without sin.
It's a sin when we act on the temptation and act against God's will and cause a relationship strain.

But how does Jesus avoid temptation? Jesus says each time "Scriptures say". Jesus knew the Scriptures well enough to know what God expects.

Underline "Scriptures Say" in verses 4, 7 and 10 (see the example picture here).

The more we know Scriptures, the more we know God and God's expectations for us, the better equipped we are to resist temptation.
Genesis 4 - Cain and Abel
Read Genesis 4 before your next small group gathering. This is another story of the first examples of humans falling to temptation and sinning against God. Be ready to talk about both Genesis 3 and 4 in your small groups.
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