Re-Entry Happenings - October 9, 2020

First In-Person Shabbat Services
By now, all of our members should have received notification that we will open for an in-person Shabbat service with a capacity limit on attendance on October 17. This will be a first step for us, so it’s fitting that the Torah portion for that day is Bereshit, “In the beginning.” We will plan our second in-person Shabbat morning service for October 31.  

As soon as we have addressed and corrected any procedural issues, we will gradually increase the number of attendees that can be accommodated each week.  

Those who register to attend a Shabbat service will notice a few changes: signs and posts with retractable belts to direct foot traffic, and limits on where they can sit.  

Thank You
At this time, we’d like to express our appreciation to the following individuals who have made donations to our Re-Opening Fund to help defray the costs we have incurred in getting our building ready . . .
Eileen and Steve Barberi
Wendy Belkin
Dave Chroman
Frances and Marty Ilivicky
Elaine and Bernie Markowitz
Karen and Fredrick Murphy              
Naomi and Dr. Mayer Rubenstein
Cyndi Silverman
Reena and Dr. Lynn Sumerson
Robin and Dr. Larry Zeitlin
. . . and to Hazel and Spencer Wolf, who are donating all of the hand sanitizer for the dispensers you will see throughout the building.

Friday Evening Services
Our first parking lot service on October 2 was a huge success, with over 20 live attendees and at least that many participating via Zoom. Our next two Shabbat in the Lot services are scheduled on October 16 and 30. Watch your email for details on how to register.  

Daylight Savings Time will end on November 1. With Shabbat beginning an hour earlier, this will present some challenges in terms of our virtual services. The outdoor services on Friday evening offer an opportunity for us to sing, but require operating a camera. We will be examining our options and will update you soon.  

What’s Next
The Re-Entry Task Force continues to meet weekly to examine the course of the pandemic and plan our safe re-opening.  Please contact us at with any questions or concerns you may have.

The CBS Re-Entry Task Force
Elian Bar-Av
Caren Evans
Elisa Hirschfield
Michael Igel
Wendy Lenett
Steve Shepard
Eric Steckler
Karen Tashman
Rabbi Danielle Upbin
Rabbi David Weizman