10 - October 18, 2020
Dear Parents,

So many of our teachers and administrators heard from students on how restful and rejuvenating the October break was for them and their families. We heard classroom productivity and learning was positively impacted this week as a result!
No doubt, each of you (and your children) who Opted-In with the survey are excited to know whether you will be on-campus with other students in A group beginning on Monday, October 26 or B group beginning on Tuesday, November 3. Our divisional leaders and transportation department are working on balancing groupings now and we plan to provide communication out to parents by Monday, October 26 on the group designation of each student. It is exciting to think that students and staff will be back on campus in about a week!
Have a wonderful week! 
Thank you!
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Athletics & Condor Activities

Another spectacular week lived by our students, coaches, and instructors of Condor Activities and Athletics. Our department continues to find ways to connect with students; it is a challenge that fills us with excitement and motivates us every day to promote a healthy lifestyle in our students.

It has been a great opportunity to strengthen character in the different groups, highlighting our core values in each session.

In our preparation for the next hybrid stage, some groups will have adjustments in the schedule mainly in MS and HS. The instructors, coaches, and the department are making the final adjustments and we will communicate the new schedule during the week.

Condor Activities and Athletics will continue with virtual sessions during the semester and we are looking for extra options eventually for Saturdays.