Klamath Irrigation District - serving the Klamath Basin for over 104 years
Our origin story...tracing our roots to 1905
In 1917, the Oregon legislature authorized irrigation districts to assume obligations to the United States for lands in the district and to become the agent of the United States. 

On 8 December 1917, voters approved the formation of Klamath ID to assume repayment responsibilities and other obligations of our founding organization, the Klamath Water Users Association (incorporated in 1905) under its contract with the United States. 

In 1918, Klamath ID entered into a contract with Reclamation for repayment of the costs of Project works thus dissolving the original KWUA. All repayment costs for the development of the project were fulfilled in accordance with our contract.

Our Mission is to serve, protect, and defend
The mission of Klamath Irrigation District is to acquire, maintain, assure, and deliver an adequate water supply for beneficial use on qualified land with the Klamath Project. We represent our Patrons before government agencies, the legislature, Congress, and in such forms as appropriate for the perfection and protection of their water rights. We defend the District from actions which would diminish our effectiveness and function. We further promote the conservation of water, soil, and other natural resources.
Klamath Project Drought Response Agency Update
Although the Klamath Project Drought Response Agency recently approved the dispersal of emergency drought funds received for agricultural producers with over 5 acres of land in the Klamath Project; Klamath Irrigation District has over 1,800 accounts which did not qualify for either program in 2021.

Our stakeholders (Klamath Water Users Association, Oregon Water Resources Congress, Oregon Farm Bureau, and others) are lobbying for relief for our community to include domestic well mitigation and District operating and maintenance expenses in addition to other community needs created by the drought conditions in 2021.
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