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1/320 sec.,  F/14,  ISO 400
"The joy of life comes from new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun." 
--Christopher McCandless  
10 Essential Tips For
Traveling With Camera Gear 
After many years of traveling with camera gear, getting on and off planes, in and out of vehicles, I have experimented with many camera cases, bags, and packing techniques. Here are my 10 Essential Tips for easy and safe transport of your gear, wherever you travel.

1. USE A WHEELED CAMERA CASE  -  My favorite (for now, since the available options change nearly every year) is carry-on legal Think Tank Roller Derby, a spinner design. It is easy to roll it down the ever-narrowing aircraft aisles, and fits very nicely into the overhead storage bin. When fully packed mine weighs about 35 pounds which means I need help hefting it up into the overhead. When I'm not traveling, I keep all my gear in this same case. It's easy to grab and go on a moment's notice.
2.  PUT A FEW THINGS IN YOUR CHECKED BAG  -  If you have a lot of gear, the above case will not hold everything. So for trips when I need more than it will hold, I pack the less important items (a back-up camera body, the least needed lens(es) for the particular trip, etc.) in my checked bag so that loss or damage will not ruin the trip. Pad these items inside clothing and do not place them too close to the outsides of the bag. The more they are padded, the better.
3.  PUT IMPORTANT ITEMS IN YOUR SECOND CARRY-ON BAG  -  Things that are too important to risk them in your checked bag, but will not fit into the wheeled bag can travel well in a large tote bag, soft-sided briefcase, backpack, or waistpack. Since I don't like feeling like a beast of burden, I do not carry a backpack. I prefer a briefcase or waistpack. My favorite briefcase is the Mountainsmith Network bag. It is large enough to hold a laptop with power cord and two portable hard drives, a lens or two, a change of clothes in case my checked bag does not arrive when I do, and small items like cell phone, iPad, passport, glasses, etc. My favorite waistpack is the Mountainsmith Tour TLS. It will hold a camera body and one or two lenses, along with smaller incidental items.  I rarely carry both at the same time, but you could if necessary. I also use the waistpack as a daily bag to carry gear in the field.
4.  MAKE GOOD LENS CHOICES  -  If you have zoom lenses that overlap focal lengths, choose the one(s) that are the highest quality you own.
5.  DON'T TRAVEL WITH LENSES ATTACHED TO CAMERA BODIES  -  You reduce the risk of damaging lenses or bodies when they are not attached.
6.  FABRIC BATTERY CASE  -  Both the Kinesis Battery Organizer and the Think Tank Battery Holder are super for keeping two camera batteries in one place and easy to find in your camera bag.
7.  MEMORY CARD WALLETS  -  The Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rockets are compact and keep all your cards in one place. Note, however, that if you need a waterproof holder, the hard plastic Gepe Card Safe works well.
8.  FILTER CASES The Tamrac Arc holds 3 filters up to 77mm in a compact, padded case which keeps them safe for travel and easy to access when shooting.
9.  FILTER POUCH  -  The LensCoat Filter Pouch is not strictly a travel item, but it is great for keeping 2 filters in easy reach when shooting. Attach it to your camera strap.
10. LONG LENS CASES  -  Super telephotos and telephoto zoom lenses often need their own backpack or bag. The bag styles and sizes are constantly changing, and the one I use is no longer made. Just check around to see what is available.

Hunt's Photo and Video carries a full line of camera gear and accessories. If you
have not used them before, give them a try. Free shipping and friendly service.
Alan Samiljan and tell him I sent you. You'll get great personal service.


Whales, Glaciers, & Wild Alaska        
Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska   August 29 - September 2

A repeat of last year's sell-out trip. Come to one of the world's best places to photograph glaciers and sea life. We will spend most days cruising the calm waters of Glacier Bay and surrounding inlets in search of whales, sea otters, puffins, seals, moose, and bear. We'll see one of the largest concentrations of glaciers left in the world, see and hear them calve, and be wowed by the spectacular glacial blue color. In the evenings we return to our lovely  lodge for image critiques and chef-prepared dinners. 

The scenery is spectacular with snow-capped mountains, deep blue and green waters, and the feel of pristine wilderness. Aboard each of our boat trips is an experienced naturalist who will get us in the best position to photograph whatever comes our way.

Our lodge is truly a work of art with high-beamed ceilings and custom-crafted interiors, built by the owners. Staffed by caring professionals, it is a welcoming haven after a day of photographing the beauty of the area.

This trip will immerse you in the world of glaciers and wild Alaska. With the natural world changing rapidly around us, this is a rare opportunity that should not be missed. Experience the vastness of this beautiful wilderness in our country's last frontier.

Last year this trip filled very quickly, so don't delay. Details here.

EMAIL awakethelight@charter.net
or CALL 757-773-0194 

Alaska Brown Bear Bonanza
Lake Clark National Park, Alaska   September 3 - 9 
Travel with me to Lake Clark National Park in Alaska to photograph one of the largest concentrations of brown bear anywhere. This superb location puts us right in the middle of bear country each and every day. This is by far the best place to see bears safely, yet up close and personal. We will be transported each day by ATV, driven by a naturalist guide, right to where the bears are.

We will photograph them fishing for salmon, and playing in the water and in the fields, with a backdrop of mountains and the Cook Inlet. Our guide knows where the bears are, and gets us in just the right position for the best light and the best action.

We stay in a classic Alaska lodge near the beach. It has beautifully decorated rooms and superb chef-prepared meals. It is a very relaxing place to be, a nice counterpoint to our days of photographing the bears. Our hosts are a warm husband and wife team who have a caring professional staff, and take great pride in all that they do.

Limited to only 8 participants, this trip will provide you a rare opportunity to photograph brown bears like few others can. Details here.
EMAIL awakethelight@charter.net
or CALL 757-773-0194

Wildflowers & Wildwater        
Great Smoky Mountains National Park    April 22 - 27 
Only 2 spaces left. Join me in the Smokies for superb opportunities to photograph some of the most beautiful wildflowers anywhere. In addition to wildflowers, we will photograph some famous places like Cades Cove, plus some tucked away secret places known only to a few. 

We'll also photograph beautiful rushing streams and sweeping landscapes. This workshop is timed for when the wildflowers are at their peak, and the waters glisten with life. And not to be missed are the incredible sunrises.

Learn new techniques and artistic approaches to shooting macro, scenics, and moving water. This workshop is packed with incredible photographic opportunities, lots of education, image critiques, some Lightroom instruction, and a great deal of fun. Details here.

, email us
            or call 757-773-0194

Macro Mania Workshop
                             Outer Banks, NC   May 23 - 26  
Macro, macro, macro! And the beach! It doesn't get any better than that!

Join me at the Outer Banks at one of the best times of year. In May the weather is warm and the beaches are empty. This in-depth workshop is  focused on creativity and will cover all aspects of macro, from outdoor subjects like seashells and sea grasses to working indoors with a huge variety of subjects like flowers, feathers, shells, and glassware. Learn how to work with natural light, as well as artificial light.

There will also be time to shoot sunrises and sunsets before and after class. Isaacs sunset sun

We will work outdoors in the mornings and late afternoons when the light is soft and beautiful, and indoors at midday when the light is harsher.

This is like no other macro workshop available. You will learn new techniques, and will learn how to unburden yourself from tons of gear. Even if you have taken macro workshops before, this one will open your eyes to new heights of creativity and freedom. Don't miss this great opportunity to expand your macro skills at the beach! Details here.                                                                                               


       EMAIL awakethelight@charter.net
                   or CALL 757-773-0194
Creative & Impressionist Flowers
Workshop  -  Longwood Gardens
Kennett Square, PA   June 13 - 16, 2016
This is one of our most popular workshops. Spend several days at one of the world's most beautiful gardens while learning a unique approach to creating artistic images of flowers.

Be prepared to forget all you thought you knew about flower photography and macro. This method is incredibly easy to learn but results in powerful images. You will experience a new sense of freedom with your camera and your creative soul. Tap into your artistic side and expand your skills.

This workshop is a perfect blend of shooting, instructional tips, and critiques. Filling fast.
Details here.

EMAIL awakethelight@charter.net  or CALL 757-773-0194 

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