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Dear Teachers,

Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers, wrote a 2008 article for the New Yorker magazine titled Most Likely to Succeed. It was about how difficult it is to predict who will turn out to be a really good teacher.

Apparently, really good teaching (defined by the amount of learning that happens) is a bit of a mystery and hinges on very subtle differences in how one conducts class and interacts with one's students. He compares it to how difficult it has been historically for NFL scouts to predict which great college quarterbacks will also succeed at the pro level.

We don't know either. But we DO know that if you start with high quality materials created by veteran teachers, you are already giving yourself a leg up. Due to our incentive model, quality is MUCH higher on TpT today than it was in 2006 when we first launched, therefore continuing to use TpT resources fosters a virtuous cycle that takes a bit of the mystery out of great teaching.

Teach and be well,



Puppy Love Word Family Games Spring Sight Word Fun
by Deedee Wills
by Teacher Tam
Grades: K–1
Product Rating:
4.0 / 4.0

Grades: PreK–2
Product Rating:
Not yet rated

Science Made 4 Middle School Vol. 1 (4th-8th) Dictionary Worksheets - 20 Ready-to-Use Pages + Answer Keys
by Tech girl (4.0/4.0) by Rachel Lynette (3.9/4.0)
Grades: 4–8
Product Rating:
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Grades: 3–8
Product Rating:
4.0 / 4.0

meet What's New or Cool
Donna Glynn
Grades K-1

I am a Kindergarten teacher who has been teaching since 1993. �Most people know me as Kinderglynn. I love to create differentiated materials that teachers can use in their classroom that will engage the students. �I believe all children are eager to learn and we have the most wonderful jobs in the world by giving them the opportunity to succeed in life. There is no place else I would rather be than in my classroom every day.

Four Great Products by Donna Glynn!
  100th Day Math and Literacy
  Amazing Complete Word Work Centers and
  Small Group Instruction
  Penguins Fishing Around for Word Families
  Speedy Race (great for dibels)
•  President's Day is coming. This is a fun lesson by Teachers Unleashed called Idioms and Cloze Activity with George Washington PowerPoint Lesson. It costs $3.50.
•  This writing practice activity for K-1 students gets them thinking about all the holidays in February. It's called February Vocabulary Words--Valentine's, Groundhog Day, President's and only costs $1.00. Cassie Bennett of Missouri is the teacher-author.
•  This is a truly wonderful original song and music video by The Bonus Points Band using the exact Gettysburg Address as the lyrics: "The Gettysburg Address" (music video). It costs $1.95 and is well worth it!
Parent Handbook (Welcome to Kindergarten)
by KindergartenWorks (4.0/4.0)
Grades: PreK–K
Product Rating:
4.0 / 4.0
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Spelling Homework Contract for Elementary Grades
by John Blake (3.8/4.0)
Grades: 1–3
Product Rating:
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Will You Be Mine? Valentine Alphabet match
by Kathleen Pedersen (4.0/4.0)
Grades: PreK-1
Product Rating:
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Standard and Metric Measurement Notes
by Carey Bonifas (3.3/4.0)
Grades: 3–5
Product Rating:
4.0 / 4.0
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Create a Caricature: Literature or History Activity South Park Style
by Tracee Orman (3.9/4.0)
Grades: 9-12
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"Hunger Games" FREE Would You Rather Questions
by Rachel Lynette (3.9/4.0)
Grade: 5-12
Product Rating:
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Number the Stars Whole Book Final Test
by Secondary Solutions (3.8/4.0)
Grades: 5–8
Product Rating:
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Accountable Talk Anchor Chart & Reciprocal Cards
by Mrs. Nickerson (4.0/4.0)
Grades: 1-12
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4.0 / 4.0
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Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Worksheet Package
by Elena Sunter
Grades: 8–12
Product Rating:
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Difference Quotient Derivatives Lesson
by Edmond Cleveland
Grades: 11–12
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  4  The Great Coin Collection
  5  100th Day Math and Literacy Fun! Mini Unit
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