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July 2016
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     So, maybe you're the second coming of Steve Jobs.  You profess to know what folks will need, even though they don't yet know they will want it. That approach to new-product definition is rarely successful. (Actually, Jobs is now known to have done extensive market research with consumers before going to market.)

     You need to somehow discover what folks need, i.e. what will eventually sell. I give you 10 tips based upon my experience. Then I reveal a breakthrough technology that I believe will alter medical practice forever.

How do you know what to build?   
     Let's talk about new medical products, especially those which are personally used by clinicians - physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants - to treat patients.  How does a supplier of such medical devices determine what to develop and bring to market?
Whats Next
     This question is easier to answer for other kinds of medical products such as drugs and diagnostic tests because those products are quite standardized in their presentation and have minimal interaction with clinicians after they are prescribed.  They are substantially easier to define after a clinical need has been established -- not a small matter but easier nonetheless.
     The simplest answer to the question is: "Ask the clinicians what they need". Well, it ain't that easy! Here are some proven guidelines to follow in reaching a more satisfying answer to the question.

The Great Promise of Bioelectronic Medicine    
     Will neuromodulation someday replace many drugs? Maybe so, if the mounting evidence is to be believed - and I do. I wrote a brief piece in Trilogy Tidings last November based upon an earlier article in the New York Times; that article is definitely worth your attention.
     Then I discovered an extraordinary TED talk on the same topic by one of the lead researchers in the field, neurosurgeon Kevin Tracey. You should carve out 15 minutes to view it because it lays out in simple terms the remarkable linkage between established molecular targets and neuromodulation of the pathways that can regulate those targets - in essence replacing drugs with electrical stimulation.
     Why is this work significant? Well, how's this for a list of medical conditions whose effects could be mitigated?: bleeding/hemorrhage, cancer, colitis, Crohn's disease, diabetes, lupus, obesity and metabolic syndrome, paralysis, rheumatoid arthritis, and sepsis. Tracey's Feinstein Institute for Medical Research is targeting these conditions and others. And, his founding of Setpoint Medical has set the stage for the first commercialization of a device for treating rheumatoid arthritis.
     Beyond the obvious clinical benefits there's the potential advantage of substantially lower treatment costs in comparison to existing drugs. I believe that bioelectronic medicine will turn out to be a breakthrough technology offering untold benefits in the practice of medicine. And, by the way, it's likely to offer significant commercial opportunities to those who are appropriately positioned.

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