May 10 - Glenmore Concert at the Fields
20 April 2019

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GCA Board of Directors
GCA Concert at the Fields
Friday, 10 May, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Save the date and join us for our first, hopefully annual, Concert at the Fields.
This event will feature the “Local Vocals”. Come and rock out to music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond.
The sports field games of Basketball, Volleyball, Bocce and Horseshoes will be available making for a fun evening for the whole family.
Lawn chairs, blankets and your beverage and snacks are recommended.
We hope to see you there.
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Update on the Equestrian Center
Thursday night, at the 18 April GCA Board of Directors regularly scheduled meeting, Steve Parks announced that Cadeaux is leaving the Equestrian Center (EC) by the end of May, nine months before the end of the contract. The board will explore the implications of this news with legal counsel as soon as possible. Arrangements will be made for the care of the GCA’s two ponies prior to the time that Cadeaux leaves.

Last week the board met with a Virginia Tech Extension agent specializing in agriculture and equine science to better understand the current state of the fields. She observed that the fields had been overgrazed. Based on our discussion with her, our understanding is that our pastures could reasonably support ten to fifteen horses. She also recommended that we wait until fall to seed and fertilize the fields. We plan to get bids from several suppliers prior to making this investment in the fields in the fall.

An engineering study of the EC fences and structures is planned; currently, the treasurer is receiving proposals from companies offering this service. The information gleaned from this process of consulting with experts will guide the board in making a sound long term plan for the EC. As decisions are made, the board will update the community as we can; however, any legal or personnel issues must remain confidential. 
Landscaping Modifications? Contact the ARC
With the warm weather upon us, many are considering changes to our landscaping such as replacing old and damaged shrubs or removing damaged or diseased trees. The Glenmore Architectural and Landscape Guidelines require the Owner to seek approval for:
     Modifications or additions to an existing home (including changing exterior colors)
    Construction of secondary structures
    Landscaping, landscape changes, tree removals
    Fences, Pools, Basketball goals, swing sets or play equipment
     Driveway and parking areas
     Terraces, Garden walls, Retaining walls
     Awnings, Exterior lighting, Satellite Dishes
     Lot drainage changes

The approval request form and an explanation of the process is found here. The Architectural Review Committee will process your application as quickly as possible. Last year we processed 148 applications and all but 2 were approved. The Committee very much appreciates your cooperation in following the Guidelines designed to maintain the beauty of our community.
Susan Worden, Chair, Architectural Review Committee
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Property Sale Disclosure Packet Inspections - VA State Law
The Virginia Property Owners Association Act (the Act) provides rights to buyers for property that is controlled by a community association. The buyer is entitled to GCA information called out in the Act, and if the information is not received, the buyer has the legal right to cancel the contract (§ 55-509.4) . The Act requires that the GCA provide a physical inspection of the property and the preparation and issuance of a GCA Disclosure Packet as required by § 55-509.5 which states the disclosure packet should contain “A statement that any improvement or alteration made to the lot, or uses made of the lot or common area assigned thereto are or are not in violation of the declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations, architectural guidelines and articles of incorporation of the association.”  Upon request by the seller or the seller’s agent, Associa conducts an inspection of the property, provides a report, and delivers the Disclosure Packet in accordance with the Act. 
To ensure all property exterior issues are considered during the GCA Disclosure Packet Inspection, the GCA is providing an updated checklist for Associa property inspectors which ensures: the property complies with the GCA Covenants & Restrictions and other governance documents; and there are no outstanding actions against the property owner for late assessment payments and liens, architectural issues (e.g., fences around HVAC units), or infractions regarding the GCA common property (e.g., colonization of common areas).

This is an excellent advance checklist for those considering selling their homes. Associa will implement the new disclosure checklist starting 1 June 2019. To view the Disclosure Packet checklist, click Here.
VA Code
Volunteers Needed for the GCA
The new Board is looking for volunteers with special skills such as: landscape architects, architects, civil engineers, communications specialists, deed and title analysts, IT specialists, master gardeners, real estate experts, emergency preparedness planner, and strategic planners .

If you have these skills and want to volunteer, contact Associa's Thelma Washington by clicking Here . Place the words "GCA Volunteers" in the subject line, and state your area of expertise in the body of the email. We'll contact you soon after.
The Dogs of Glenmore
Each Newsletter will feature one of our Glenmore canine friends. If you would like to have your dog featured in our Newsletter, please send a picture, name, breed, and something else we just need to know. We'll randomly select a picture for publication in each edition.

Click  here  to send an email with a photo attached. Include the words "The Best Dog in Glenmore" in the subject line.

Here  is this edition's entry.
Please Clean up after your Dogs
For unknown reasons, we are finding more incidences of dog waste found on our common areas, sports field, the golf course, and even on private residences. In order to make clean-up easier, the GCA spends about $6000 per year to maintain the dog stations. Its just not neighborly to leave your dog's poop on the ground. And, its embarrassing for your dog when other dogs observe this behavior.

Please ... clean up after your pets.
Glenmore Women’s Club Luncheon - 3 May
Ladies of Glenmore are invited to attend on May 3, 2019, 11:30 AM
Presentation by local historian Frank Walker on “Gold Mining in the Virginia Wilderness.”
(Centerpieces will be framed picture that you bring to share of you and your children/grandchildren.)

Please RSVP: by 5 PM, April 30 to Cornelia Granbery,, 615-504-1109; or Vicki Robinson,, 434-202-7059. Please convey any food allergies or intolerances with your reservation.

Cost: Members of Glenmore Country Club $28, Non-Members $30. (GWC membership fee collected at the door: $10 cash ONLY). GCC Members luncheon is charged on their accounts. Non-Members please send a $30 check to Glenmore Country Club by April 30 to Cornelia Granbery, 2048 Piper Way, Keswick, VA 22947
Kids are Bike Riding ... Please Slow Down

The Glenmore speed limit is 25 MPH. With spring well under way, more children are out walking and biking. And safety is priority #1. We in Glenmore are in full control of the safety of our roads. It just requires that we watch our speed . 

We have two radar speed detectors to remind you when you are over our Glenmore speed limit. 
House Under Construction
News of Possible "Breezy Hill Development"
Our Scottsville Supervisor, Rick Randolph, notified us that Breezy Hill developers advised the county last month of their intent to apply for a zoning change. The process will involve two public hearings, one with the Planning Commission and then one with the Board of Supervisors. 

Breezy Hill is located east of Glenmore, just past Palmer’s Auto on Richmond Road. The development plans about 195 units. Preliminary site plans are available.
Breezy Hill developers have not submitted their application or final site plan yet. It is unclear if they will wait to see if the election in November might yield a more pro-development Scottsville Supervisor and Planning Commissioner. We will keep you informed of any hearings that are scheduled. 
Watch These Dates
May 3: Glenmore Women's Club Luncheon
May 10: Glenmore Concert at the Fields
May 16: GCA Board Meeting at 7 PM
May 27: Memorial Day
June 20: GCA Board Meeting at 7 PM