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When it comes to flavor, you can't beat the classics. Some things will never go out of style--and the flavors of fresh fruit and vegetables definitely never get old. Unfortunately, the fruits & vegetables themselves do get old--sometimes spectacularly. Of course, this is where IQF comes in.

When it comes to IQF, JSO Associates does it better than just about anyone else. For one, their selection is quite comprehensive. Their latest catalog included over 100 variations on their fruits, vegetables & purees, running the gamut from IQF strawberries, bananas, and carrots, to more unique offerings like IQF kale, lingonberry, and boysenberries.

With more than 10 million pounds of product in inventory at any given time, and more than 40 years of experience in the industry, they're certainly worth a look. Give us a call at (972) 542-8222, or contact us using the form below to find out how your next product can take advantage of JSO's expertise.
JSO's Product Specialties
JSO is able to source fruits from around the world. Whether you need domestic fruits such as strawberries & apples, or international items like mango, banana, or even Italian Valencia oranges, they can get what you need.
Does your product need some quality IQF veggies? JSO has what you're looking for. Onions, corn, or peas? Of course they have them! Jalapeno, rhubarb, or mukimane? Yep, they've got those too.
Small Company. Global Reach.
JSO has put in the work to ensure that you're getting the best value available--anywhere. They've spent 40 years building up domestic and international contacts, and these relationships allow them special access to food commodities worldwide. If it grows somewhere in the world, they can probably help you get it.
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