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What you can expect: An on-going involvement from Gary with every aspect of your product including (but not limited to)...

1. Identify your music position and insure that you are playing the right music in the right rotations.

2. Evaluate research to make sure it has been properly read and executed.

3. Adjust your music scheduling system for maximum impact.

4. Focus of your station's brand via proper positioning.

5. Evaluate and work with your morning show and regular airstaff to insure that the message you want to deliver is being delivered on a consistent basis.

6. Review and update on-air imaging. From jingles to sweepers and promos.

7. Work with sales to integrate with programming.

8. Review your online presence as well as the communication with listeners via Facebook, Twitter and loyal listener groups.

9. Executive evaluation and recommendations. Make sure you have the right people in the right jobs.

And last...the promise that I will not wear that silly Santa hat on market visits!


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AC Programming Today from Gary Berkowitz

No matter which holiday you celebrate, this truly is "the most wonderful time of the year." Many readers of this newsletter are very likely in all Christmas music mode right now. But, before long, we will all be back to regular format and that's what this edition is all about. Please make sure to check out "PD Resolutions for the New Year" its this month's lead article.

Fall book results will start arriving in January. If your numbers are not where you feel they should be, please call me for a confidential discussion about your station. I have been advising AC radio stations on how to improve their 25-54 numbers for many years and continue to do it with some of the biggest and best AC's in America.

I wish you and your families the best holidays ever and thanks for taking the time to read AC Programming Today.

Best regards,


Office: (248) 737-3727


With the new year just around the corner, here are a few ideas for all programmers to reflect and think on.

First and foremost, aircheck your jocks. As our business evolves and PD's are busier and multi-tasking more than ever, this art seems to be falling in-between the cracks. We all want and crave feedback. There is no better way to build relationships and help jocks sound better than to close your door, turn off the phone, listen to their show and offer constructive feedback.

Sell the product. Hard to believe, but many radio stations sell everything but their number one product...the music. Promote the quantity, quality, and benefits of listening to your station. Moreover, please remember the power of titles and artists. Listeners always rate this very high. They want to know the names and artists of the music you are playing.If you think they know all the titles and artists, please re-think this.

Do not worry about liners burning out. Let them "BURN IN." Sure, they need to be updated and freshened but make sure you do not lose the focus in the process.

Be involved with the daily editing of the music log. Since music is #1, there is nobody more qualified than the PD to make sure that ever segue, every song and every 15 minute cluster of music is right on target. Constantly look at songs to make sure they are rotating properly. Not only through the dayparts, but the hours as well. Lookout for "vertical rotation" problems. Delegating music editing to a less qualified person could cost valuable rating points. Remember with the music, safe, familiar and smooth always wins in AC.

Make sure your station is not dull and boring. Jocks, jingles, sweepers, and promotions give you a great opportunity to keep your station alive and vibrant. Make this week the week to invent some new imaging.

Remember, personality is all about "the way you sound", not in the "amount of words" you use. Take a tip from the PPM markets. Keep talk elements to the point, and always make sure they are delivered with sincerity in the jocks voice.

Review and improve your website. Is there a reason for listeners to visit you more than once? With marketing budgets at a premium, do all you can to maximize this free marketing tool. The competition for web hits is greater than ever. If you do not have a Facebook fan page for the station, get it going asap.Same for Twitter.

Work on technical improvements now. Do not wait for the start of the spring book to work on your audio processing or any other technical issues you may have.Check with the jocks and production people to see if there are technical issues that need repair.

Plan ahead. Do not wait until the last minute to plan research, promotions, or marketing programs. We all know the upcoming Arbitron dates. Be ahead of them. If you are planning music testing for the spring book, plan to have it on the air between 3-4 weeks prior to the books start.

Review Christmas now. While its still fresh in your mind, look back at how this Christmas season went. Take notes for improvements for next year. Make lists of songs you'll need, and believe it or not, start working now on clock grids, so they are ready next year.

Successful programmers talk about Gary.. Mark E

"Gary Berkowitz is the consummate broadcaster, with an amazing knowledge of the business and the listener. His expertise along with his gentle demeanor, have helped me program my radio station and maintain the focus needed to win and win big. Any broadcaster, regardless of experience level or market size, would benefit from Gary's counsel."

Mark Edwards, Program Director KUDL, Kansas City
(worked with Gary at KEZK, St Louis)

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Thanks again for taking the time to check out AC Programming Today. Please feel free to forward or share with friends and associates. See you in January.

Happy Holidays,

Gary Berkowitz
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