17 August 2017
10 Questions to Start Your Selling Journey
Over the years, you have built a strong network. You know your industry, your customers, your suppliers. For some of them, it’s more than just a network.

You have created relationships ! These relationships have been key connections in building your successful company. They are an integral part of your business circle.

Yet, when it comes to selling your company, are these the right connections ? Is it the right time?

Do you know who to reach out to if you want to sell to a strategic buyer? Big companies have many divisions, layers and locations and a confusing matrix of people.

If you want to sell your business to a strategic company, ask yourself these 10 questions:

  1. Which ones are the best fit for my company?
  2. Who might be thinking about my company’s capabilities and intellectual property as an “adjacent space”?
  3. How many should I reach out to?
  4. What is the process?
  5. What will they want to know?
  6. Where does my product or business fit in their road map?
  7. Who do I talk to?
  8. What should I say and not say?
  9. When is the best time to contact them?
  10. What is my potential value to them?

This is just the beginning of the adventure! Do you have an answer for these questions and the next thousand due diligence questions that follow behind them? Chances are you need to fill in some gaps.

We always say that:
Timing + Fit = Value ©

If you’re wondering “when is the right time?” and “Is my company a great fit?”, and would like someone to discuss it with, feel free to contact us at MedWorld Advisors . Many on our team have a Strategic OEM background and understand “the other side of the table”. And due to our experience, we know many of the key industry players very well!

We will be meeting with many Strategic CEOs and Business Development Executives at the biggest annual MedTech Conference next month. We will be discussing some of our client opportunities, their high-level road maps, their strategic gaps and opportunities, plus the State of the Industry. In other words, “what’s next” for them!

Contact us if you are interested in MedWorld presenting your company or technology to some of them now, or if you’d like us to help prepare you for that possibility in the near future. 

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