Since she was 7, Linda Derry (15, Springfield Gardens, New York) has been involved in helping the environment. She learned about the environment in school, and then began planting trees/flowers in her local parks, She joined her schools environment club, and led beach clean ups and made library presentations on climate change topics. She progressed to team leader where she now co-hosts two Public Access TV shows – one where she interviews local leaders on topics such as diminishing plastic bag use & the Paris Agreement along an environmental justice show where she portrays a judge schooling the public on proper electronic recycling and grease disposal. Environmental Education is important to her since she wants the world for future descendants to be as pollution free as possible.

Linda also speaks to organizations such as the Black Pilots Association on emissions, participates in art fairs where recyclable products are used, and visits her old school and talking to the younger kids on climate change. She has educated via library presentations (diminishing population of the bees), library spelling bees (where the words are environmentally related), and public access shows. With the help of the environmental organizations has been able to make a real difference in her community.