1. We are committed to take action and WORK toward our manifestation... To Will.
Element: Fire. Chakra: Solar Plexus and Root.

2. We can feel what it FEELS like to already have arrived at that manifestation. Our feelings are a strong vibration that shifts consciousness, beliefs and intentions towards a frequency specific to our manifestation... To Feel. Element: Water. Chakra: Sacral.

3.  We create ENERGY around our our manifestation. This could be excitement, talk, ritual, dream boards, mind mapping, journaling or candle magic. To Create: Alchemy of Elements and Chakras with emphasis on Sacral.

4.  We use WORDS of resonance with power. We use broad strokes to call in that which we seek to manifest. This could be incantations, poetry, proclimations, channeling, circle 9 poems, knot spells... To Speak. Element: Air. Chakra: Throat.