10 Things to Experience in 2019

 Make this the year that you edit and consolidate your bucket lists, resolution lists, business plans, goals and wishes.

Make 2019 the year of the EXPERIENCE.

Pick one personal and one professional experience.

Abandon the laundry lists of wishes.

Then reverse engineer your lists so that the actions you take lead to the experiences you choose to achieve.

Once you have achieved as much as you can from those experiences, create a new one.

I call that living your legacy!

Here are 10 things to include:
1.      Invest in the 100% Rule: At all times and in all ways you are 100%. You are smart enough, good enough, and complete. You may represent ½ of a marriage or relationship, or be a part of an office team, yet you do so as 100% of you. From this vantage point your investment in and out of the relationships in your life is always as a complete whole, a contributor, an equal… not simply a part. If a relationship ends, you walk away as 100%. You do not lose yourself but rather you grow and pivot and expand. It’s a Hallmark myth to be a “better half.”- instead seek to be a better whole. What will be different for you in 2019 if you allow yourself to experience being, feeling, knowing you are showing up 100%?
2.      One New Thing: What is your one new thing? What is the one idea or action that moves the needle on fear? Create a monthly one new thing in your life. What is the one thing that will drive the experience you most want to achieve? Identify it and do it. Pick 12 now!
3.      Gratitude: Gratitude keeps fear away and brings relationships and the world closer and in focus. Start a journal, keep it simple and list what you are grateful for each day. Once you have done this for a few weeks, pay it forward with random acts of kindness. Where does your thankfulness bleed into your experiences and vice versa?
4.      Today: Wear your good jewelry, eat on your fine china, burn your new candle, wear your new dress. Be in action today on the things you are saving for tomorrow. The tough decisions, the nice accessories, the best you’ve got to offer should be used and in use NOW. Choose today each day as a special occasion, because today’s actions become tomorrow’s memories. Curate them and live your legacy 365 days a year.
5.      Fear Less: Fear less so that you can do more. It is a simple concept with a lot of punch. Society tells us to be fearless and to tackle the hard stuff, and for most of us that means a hard stop. Don’t look at eliminating fear, look instead to identify it, to question it, to work with and around it. What would you do in 2019 if you were not afraid? Challenge yourself to do the first ½ step toward your answer. Then rinse and repeat toward the next ½ step.
6.      Intuition: Your life is speaking to you; the question is are you listening in? What would you tell a friend to do? Can you turn that kindness, gut instinct, and heartfelt wisdom on yourself? Trust that you know the answer. Lean into you! Incorporating intuition into your experiences allows creativity and renewal into your life.
7.      Quiet: Pause. Get quiet. Leave the noise in your busy life long enough to recharge. You were not built to be ON all the time. Getting quiet is something you can purposefully schedule into your life so that you create space for self-care, down time, creative thoughts, and an abyss for unprogrammed activities. Getting quiet with your experiences and goals is not abandoning them, rather it permits for a fresh perspective and new energy to emerge. Look for some of your best successes and innovative thinking to be an offshoot of your pauses rather than your traditional rallies.
8.      Plot Twists: Things will most often not go according to a set plan or formula. Your ability to shift gears, to transition, to tweak or repurpose a goal or experience, will directly impact the growth and success of that experience. Think about all the goals and New Year’s resolutions that you have abandoned and left behind ½ done or never started. What becomes possible when you give yourself permission to realign and change your goals and wishes, not from a place of failure, but from a sense of meaningful renewal and opportunity? Rework your goals so that they work for you not against you.
9.      Be Ready: Be ready, don’t get ready! How many weeks, month, or years are you willing to invest in right times, tomorrow, or perfection? Once you lock in the experiences you seek in 2019 stand ready to execute them so that you don’t have to first get ready when things come together. There is a lot of confidence built into faking it until you make it! Show up ready for decisions, opportunities, driving possibilities, and curating the situations you desire.
10.   Success: Success breeds success, yet you may tend to focus on what you did not achieve over what you did accomplish. When you celebrate the small wins, you connect the dots on the big ones ! I created the Personal Success Accelerator System as an ongoing way to drive and document your benchmarks so that you take inventory on and build out a year that you love. Learn more here.

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