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The Beauty of Fall in the Pacific Northwest
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The EPA lets us know that most of us spend 80% of our time indoors. Yes, that is a lot of time indoors! Fall is here, and Winter is tapping at our doors! With that in mind here are 10 tips to lower health care costs, create greater comfort, and lower your utility bills.
  1. Have your furnace serviced and filters changed. Next, duct cleaning by a certified duct cleaning service along with having your ducting sealed will help eliminate air infiltration from outside sources.
  2. Removing your shoes at the door will help with keeping the outside out and inside clean of what travels on our shoes.
  3. Fresh air is a wonderful choice. Check to see what air quality and pollen levels are before opening your windows. Clean screens offer air filtration of large particles.
  4. When cooking turn on your stove top fan that vents to the outside to remove moist air from your home.
  5. When showering turn on your bathroom fan to vent out all the steam and extra moisture in the bathroom. This helps prevent mold and mildew.
  6. Clean carpets and floors regularly with chemically free solutions to remove toxins to protect your indoor air quality.
  7. Get houseplants. They help filter indoor air.
  8. Bathe and brush your pets regularly. Pet furs often harbor dirt and dander contributing to poor indoor air quality.
  9. Clean with natural cleaners and cloths that attract the dust/particles to their fibers instead of becoming air borne and dropping back to the floor.
  10. Use a HEPPA vacuum and vacuum more! Clean vacuum bags and brushes, vacuum again! Once over is not enough!!!
Even starting with just a few tips is a great way to begin the process.
As a realtor and as a healthy home consultant, I love to help if you have any concerns regarding your health, your family’s health and your home’s health. Call me at 360-202-3303 (mobile/text)

EMF and Modern Life
Today, it seems like everything is considered a hoax. Remember when cell phones started to become popular? There were so many articles on how bad they were, yet, nobody believed it or at least wanted to believe it.

We are a technology dependent society, so how do we reconcile our dependency with our electronic devices and electro-pollution. In this article, Electro-Pollution: What It Is and How You Can Stay Protected, they break down electro-pollution and causes, then give you 7 Things You can Do to Protect Yourself.
Many people use synthetic fiber masks that are meant to be thrown out after just a few uses instead of washable cloth masks that can be used over and over. Mindlessly discarded, you see masks and gloves lying on the ground when you walk around a community or in a parking lot at the store. Litter has always been an issue but during a pandemic litter has increased exponentially. This careless action is a potential health hazard of COVID-19 germs being transmitted, though potentially small, it is still a risk.

Live and Work
City Cabins® at Abbots Alley offer a Live/Work community with high-performance green homes built by Martha Rose and are truly next-gen housing being built with today’s homeowner in mind.
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