10 Tips To Success With A Team Approach  
From 'Just Tell Me More' by Eric Gilboord
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1. Don't Get Swayed. Be careful not to get swayed too far from the original vision while remaining open to new ideas. The benefit of a team approach is to provide insights and viewpoints different from yours. The downside is becoming overwhelmed by all the new ideas. You could forget the original motives,  objectives, and strategies. Don't become so overwhelmed you decide to do nothing. 

2. Listen To Your Internal Resources. Sometimes owners assume they require an outside source of information. But your internal team is invaluable in providing information about customers, products, and services. They are close to the purchaser and possess first-hand daily knowledge of product use, demand for services, and old and new customer profiles. They will be able to advise you on internal resources such as the development of and capacity to handle special sales, increased demand for services, and order processing.

3. Use External Resources. If short on staff, the external team you gather around you is even more important. To be effective, members of an external team must bring with them a good understanding of your business, a desire for quality, and a clear appreciation of timing. The external team can provide ideas that are outside the day-to-day life of your company. It brings an objectivity not found within an internal team.

4. Don't Assume The External Resource is Correct. Rightly or wrongly, you will likely find yourself becoming more open to ideas from an outside resource than from your own staff. Don't jump blindly into the new ideas just because they come from an outsider. Challenge the information and check with the internal team for their views. Make sure the external source can contribute information you do not already know.

5. Integrate Resources. Your external team may be made up of representatives from more than one company. Some effort may be necessary to integrate this collection of individuals and instill a true team spirit. Watch out for a marketing supplier who does just what you ask him or her to do. The last thing you need is a ''yes man.''

6. Your Idea May Not Be The Best One. The opposite of NIH, but equally destructive, is IHMBR (invented here, must be right). Some people go from idea straight to execution and nothing will sway them from this path. These are the marketers who will by any means and at any cost do it their way. They are usually the same small business owners who jump from one marketing supplier to another. They often move for the wrong reasons.

7. Avoid Ego Justification. Be careful you don't fall victim to NIH (not invented here). Many solid ideas never make it past the investigation stage because an owner didn't think of it. Be open to new ideas and study them. 
Check with others for objective, educated, and reliable opinions. You're looking for more than a ''What do you think?'' opinion. Asking someone what they think without first identifying objectives or strategy is like opening 'Pandora's Box.' You will receive personal opinions based on their limited marketing experience. You risk abandoning a potentially logical and valuable marketing approach for the wrong reasons.

8. Don't Expect Results Right Away. Marketing is a constantly changing set of circumstances. Your company changes internally, competitors are often unpredictable, and customer needs evolve.

9. If It Sounds Too Good, It Is. Be wary of the marketing supplier who claims to have the power to solve all your marketing problems instantly. Marketing is your job, the team will change from time to time, and you will get stronger as your experience grows.

10. Cover Your Bases. Make sure all departments and all aspects of your business are covered. If you use outside resources, such as sales agents or distributors, to perform functions of your business, ask a representative from those companies to participate. There should not be an issue uncovered after the marketing materials have been prepared. Use your resources to test ideas as you go through the development process.

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