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It's NOT OK to wait any longer. You can deny it all you want. But if you're a boomer aged business owner, you know it's time to transition. More than likely you are already taking the steps needed to move on with the next exciting stage in your life.

10 Ways a Boomer Knows They're Already in Change Mode
  1. Reviewing your current will. 
  2. Taking a hard look at your personal finances.
  3. Planning longer vacations. 
  4. Working with a personal trainer or at least walking more. 
  5. Downsizing your home.
  6. Managing the affairs/care of an aging parent. 
  7. Attending graduation of and or marrying off your youngest child. 
  8. Re-purposing the extra bedroom. 
  9. Investigating locations for a winter home.
  10. Thinking about the future of the company.
  11. Add your own.________________________

It's been a good run and you accomplished quite a bit with the company but it's time to let go. Get on with your life. I know I hear it all the time, you don't know what you will do if you sell or transition. You also don't know what you'll be missing.

So here are 75 things you can do after the transition. 


Still not convinced?


Here are 7 Triggers to Selling Your Business

  1. Negative event i.e. spouse or owner gets sick or dies. 
  2. Partner wants out. 
  3. You want to sell but partner does not.  
  4. Industry is changing and you are not prepared to. 
  5. Kids are not taking over i.e. do not want the business, or are unqualified. 
  6. Want to improve life enjoyment i.e. time with family, spouse, travel. 
  7. Need money from sale to finance retirement.
Sound familiar?

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