February 2016 - Issue 55
Delivering consistent quality products is essential to protect your brand and your bottom line.  That means knowing that the weight of a packaged product being shipped out the door matches the weight on the label.  A checkweigher weighs every product in motion.  It classifies, counts and rejects products that are off spec, which helps you meet throughput and legal requirements while providing reliable weight control.
10 Ways to Save Money Using Checkweighing
  1. Meeting Specifications - Does the finished product match specifications?  Your checkweigher should compare data within permissible limits that you set.  Future business depends on it.
  2. Net Content: Under Weight - Use checkweighers to help ensure your products meet customer expectations, as well as CFIA labeling policies for product weight.
  3. Net Content: Over Weight - Don't give away product. Checkweighers can help your bottom line by ensuring that there isn't too much product inside.
  4. Contaminants - Some checkweighers can be combined with other packaged product inspection equipment like x-ray and metal detectors for an economical, space-saving product inspection solution.
  5. Classification - Checkweighers can even be used to help classify products into weight zones and grades.
  6. Missing Primary Components - Count by weight is important to customer satisfaction. What would a customer think if he or she opened a box of chocolates and a piece was already missing from the tray?
  7. Sub-Standard Products - Has a packaged product been damaged?  Has it sprung a leak? Has it been filled with the right product or number of products?  Has a foreign object found its way into the packaging?  A checkweigher can discover a problem before or at the end of the line.
  8. Control - The weight data from your checkweigher can be fed back to control your filler system, providing a closed loop to drive process efficiency.
  9. Missing Secondary Components - The product might be intact, but is everything else that should be inside also enclosed - like a leaflet, spoon or straw?
  10. Lot Deviation - Before a shipment goes out the door, checkweighers can monitor lots and compare against average and standard deviations.
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