Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
June 2, 2020
While it may be tough these days to stage events that call for live entertainment, there are ways to still chronicle the occasion in a lasting... artful...way.

Welcome to the
Summer Solstice edition
of Not Your Usual
Caricature Artist
Caricatures by Joel.

Ten such occasions come to mind, each of which can benefit from the application of customized caricature art.

With the beauty part being that -- during our cautious response to the pandemic -- per each of these items, none has to be achieved in person; it can all be done via jpeg photos.

Continue reading below to match up the 10 with a selected sample representing each.
Viewing counter-clockwise, from the top:

  1. Client wanted to illustrate his dog having "given" an engagement ring to his fiance in anticipation of their wedding.
  2. Guests gathered for a Wells-Fargo corporate event.
  3. Popular Charlotte merchant was gifted a caricature by his friends on his birthday.
  4. Customized sign-in board caricature for a young girl's Bat (Bar) Mitzvah.
  5. Enjoying Roaring '20s dress-up at a Halloween private home event, one of many holiday parties.
  6. Outdoor park setting was the site for this family reunion.
  7. This Duke Energy executive was gifted his caricature to honor him on his retirement.
  8. English bulldogs and their owners held one of their esoteric but popular festivals.
  9. Horton home builders offered this sales promotion piece as part of their marketing efforts.
  10. The ITCO brand grocery produce ties used their logo also as a social media avatar.


See you again the
first Tuesday of next month
for another itemized take
on caricatures with
Not Your Usual Caricature Artist from
Caricatures by Joel

And in the meantime, wishing us all good health,
peace of mind and the wisdom and fortitude to,
as best as can be expected,
stay above the fray.

Joel Kweskin