10 Years, 10 Goals

A new year and a new beginning.

It's not just any year.... in 2022 we celebrate 10 years of thoughtful and strategic partnerships, of collective giving, and of the thousands of lives impacted.

As we embark on this new year, we ready ourselves to the next 10 years and what transformation it holds for our community

So here we go. Below are 10 Goals we have for this new year, new season. I would love to know what you think..

1: Launch New Projects with New Partners
It boils down to serving MORE needs, MORE people and making an even BIGGER impact.
2: See You In Person

We remain hopelessly optimistic that we will FINALLY host our Donor Appreciation Party after a two year hiatus. More details coming, but for now, save the date for Wednesday, May 4th at Peachy Canyon Winery.
3: Raise $2M at PURPOSE
Because $1.5M wasn't enough? Not at all. But because we can do more and want to do more at our party with a PURPOSE. We had one heck of an inaugural year in 2021 - let's capitalize on that momentum, energy and drive to host yet another record breaking fundraiser. Want to help make it happen? Contact Kyle at kyle@mustcharities.org - sponsorships are launching this week!
4: Increase Our Outreach with Non Profit Organizations

March of 2020 facilitated the "great pause" on meeting new people, hosting roundtable discussions that previously helped us find passion and common ground amongst local organizations. In 2021, we climbed into the trenches, but it wasn't enough. In 2022, we are launching an ambitious campaign to meet, greet, and be in a state of curiosity about local organizations who are serving the greatest need.
5: Grow Community Giving by 9%
We don't get to count our PURPOSE event in this; instead, this is true to form, community giving, straight from the heart. How do we do this? We rely on YOU. The grassroots effort that has served us so well the last 10 years, remains our model. We love to tell the story, if you have a friend who wants to listen. We love to dive deep into what outcomes projects are producing. And we know we are here after 10 years because of you.
6: Raise $1M Toward Our Endowment

Who knew? Not everyone, because it was a soft launch for our endowment, a project that once funded will ensure MUST! Charities continues to serve this community for many years to come, allowing 100% of your dollars go to work. Interested in learning more? Send me an email or call me at 805.226.5788. Don't be shy.
7: Impact Report

We gotta throw this in there because if it is in PRINT, it will happen. We will absolutely get the Impact Report out in the Spring, a tad earlier than most years (insert laughing emoji). We have said that every year, but somehow we can't make it happen. Well, now it is right here for you to keep us accountable.
8: Youth Board + Giving Model
We plan to launch a new form of giving called Peer to Peer FUNdraising. Think of it as leveling up our grass roots movement by putting our Youth Board in the driver's seat and empowering these future leaders & philanthropists to hit the pavement and spread the word.
9: More Networking
Let's get back to hosting a few roundtable discussions with community members that increase our awareness of needs that people face daily. Together we can do so much!
10: Roll Out Our New Logo

We can check this one as DONE because right here, right now, we are rolling out our new logo and new icon. A fresh look to kick off Year 10 - take a look below and let us know what you think!
It was time. As we approached our 10 year anniversary, we felt a strong desire to set the stage for the next 10 years. Wanting to convey our fresh perspective, forward-thinking strategies, and well...it has to look good on a hat! Thank you to our friends who participated in several feedback threads to get us to the final product. Let us know what you think!
New Logo, New Apparel
We need help! We have a new logo and cannot responsibly rebrand an entire wardrobe, but tell us...

What are your top picks for us to buy this year and start handing out?

Is it shirts? Hats? Sunglasses? Beanies? Sweatshirts? Totes? Travel mugs?

Let me know what are your favs!
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