Newsletter February 2019
I remember that sinking feeling. My husband, John, asked if I would be open to going to a women's retreat. I was 24, had been married for three years, and a believer for almost seventeen years. I'd never been to a women's retreat. Why start now?! On top of all of that, this wasn't just any women's retreat. It was the second time that Wellspring had invited women to a retreat that originally had been designed only for men. I thought up so many excuses: "I'm too young." "My life is really going splendidly.” “I don't need a retreat." Arriving at that small, round wooden hut at the Alabama 4-H center I found myself surrounded by what felt like so many women, and I was intimidated. There were a total of 29. Back in 2009, the retreat was mostly led by men and the material was full of references to masculine things. At the time, there were rumblings of this "essence of femininity" that the men and women were grappling with, and what did it look like anyways? There were still a lot areas in the material that were rough around the edges, yet the Lord, in His loving kindness worked in ways that only He can, and I left that retreat changed more than I would realize. The impact would be felt for years (and, I believe, for generations) to come.
Looking back on the last ten years, I can say with confidence that taking that initial dive into the Battle began one of the most transformational endeavors of my life. I discovered that there is a difference between knowing and  experiencing God and scripture. The Battle and ensuing follow-through process revealed to me how shallow and prideful my heart was. Learning the truths of God's word in light of who He's designed me to be blew the safe little boundaries of my thinking down. I had constructed an understanding of Christianity that felt safe. Yet, the Lord was calling me to risk laying down my pride, to choose the way of surrender, and to fully experience His love and it began revolutionizing my marriage and relationships in my domain.
Walking into Wellspring Group’s women's retreat this February, almost ten years to the date from my very first retreat, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Lord. This time it was not led by men but entirely by women and there were 97 women present. I continue to be amazed at how the Lord is drawing His daughters with His pure love and delight for them, setting hearts free to be fully alive in Christ. Stepping into my part as facilitator of a precious group of young ladies, I felt excitement and joy. These ladies and others at the retreat were, some the first time, beginning what will become a journey of deep transformation in their lives.
If I could capture the weekend with a word picture, it would be that of a stone being thrown into a river and the ripples going on and on and on, stretching out beyond where your eyes can see. These women’s hearts are deep springs that the Lord is uncovering in profound ways, some for the first time. I couldn’t help but smile with my group of young ladies. As they shared how they were experiencing the retreat, I sensed that they, along with others who have come before and will come after them, will be used by the Lord to minister to other women. This is only the beginning for many of these women and for the future of the all-women led Battle for Women’s Hearts.
The Lord is multiplying the impact of these surrendered hearts and it’s causing a ripple effect in many other hearts and lives that will continue to have impact in the days, months, years and even generations to come. I am a testimony to that little stone that was thrown in the waters of my heart in February of 2009.
Laura Arnold - BWH Participant and Facilitator
"As I consider how many women’s lives have been impacted over the years and how many marriages are now on a healthier journey, my heart is so full! I am deeply grateful to have had a small part to play in making the Battle for Women’s Hearts an ongoing reality, and I am excited about the future God has in mind for the women through the Battle for the Heart process."
Jeanie Arnold - Participant at the first BWH in 2009, Facilitator & Speaker
"I attended my 5th Battle for Your Heart retreat this past February 2019 to facilitate a group of sweet women. As I prepared on the equipping calls, I heard that the battle would be led by an ALL women team for the first time. There’s a part of me that said, ‘Yea!', because I know the battle is different for women, and I so value hearing teaching and testimony from women. But at the same time, I felt a big area in my heart get so very sad at the loss of a man’s voice to proclaim the voice of the Father, which I know God can use to bring such healing and comfort to women. I honestly thought, 'This might not be as good'. Well as God does, he surprised me this weekend in so many ways. The women’s sweet leadership, clear teaching, humor, relevant and vulnerable testimonies, and dependence on God so strongly carried the voice of the Father. The battle event wasn’t just good, it was the best one I ever attended."
Amy Consoli- BWH Participant, Facilitator &, Speaker

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