Edesia Celebrates 10 Years of Combatting
Hunger Around the Globe
Quonset Company Edesia hosted a virtual event last week to celebrate their 10-year anniversary of feeding malnourished children around the world.

Edesia Founder and CEO Navyn Salem took guests on a virtual journey through the Central African Republic, Guatemala, Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela, and beyond, detailing how Edesia is working to end the greatest global crisis of our time: hunger and malnutrition.

Salem was joined by special guests Nicholas Kristof (Pulitzer Prize-Winning NY Times Columnist), Cynthia McFadden (Senior NBC News Correspondent), Hamdi Ulukaya (Chobani Founder and CEO), and Lupe Fiasco (Rapper) during the event. 

Since 2010, Edesia has nourished over 12 million children in nearly 60 countries. 

Quonset Neighbors Make Great Partners
For manufacturers in the world’s most demanding industries, forging effective partnerships is key to success. Quonset companies Meister Abrasives and Supfina Machine Company Inc. have teamed up to help their customers achieve outstanding quality with high-precision grinding applications. 

The best illustration of how closely Meister and Supfina work together is the addresses of their U.S. headquarters: Meister is at 201 Circuit Drive, and Supfina is next door – at 181 Circuit Drive. 

In recent years, the companies have had success with their collaboration in developing specialized machines to help manufacture high-volume parts ranging from ceramic bearings for aerospace manufacturers to steel pump components for fuel injection manufacturers. 

“The partnership has truly stood the test of time over the decades, and our resolute collaboration has helped our customers achieve even more success,” said Dan Weiner of Supfina. “In fact, collaboration is a big part of our process. Early on, when we’re quoting a test or a new machine, we’ll bring Meister in when we believe their specific application expertise will help our customers meet their manufacturing goals.” 

The partnership works in both directions, naturally. “Because of their proximity and our close relationship, we’re often able to develop a process together in-person. This increases the level of support Meister engineers are able to supply to the customer after the machine has been delivered.” said Patrick Roberts, sales manager at Meister.

To learn more about Supfina and its fine grinding technology, visit www.supfina.com/us. And visit the Meister website to learn more about the abrasive solutions that ensure shops get the best results from their advanced machines.
Cambridge Innovation Center Helping
RI Companies Get Back to the Office
We’re sharing this update from our friends at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Providence. Their new testing initiative has helped businesses across New England get up and running again, safely.  
COVID-19 has done significant harm to almost every American industry. It’s kept people out of schools, out of restaurants, and the office. The Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Providence provides flexible office spaces for entrepreneurs, and the COVID pandemic posed an immediate threat to this ecosystem. In the absence of an available vaccine, CIC focused on how we could all return to the office safely. 
Research by Dr. Michael Mina at Harvard's Chan School of Public Health, finds that testing individuals frequently, regardless of symptoms, could be an effective solution. Mina asserts that testing the same individuals in a population every three days, or even every week, would be enough to effectively stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2 over time.
These approaches have so far been cost prohibitive, unreliable, or not widely available. The capacity to process these tests is not the issue, as labs sit vacant with open capacity. We know that the private sector can solve this by applying logistical know-how – the more demand we fill for tests, the cheaper the tests become, the more the market is able to widen access to testing.
CIC partnered with The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to test our clients and have worked with them to solve the many logistical hurdles. CIC is now able to offer our tenants testing at a lower cost than they would pay at their local Urgent Care, with a faster turnaround on results. Many tenants now have weekly testing regimens, giving employers and employees confidence in their safety when returning to the office. 
CIC introduced this service to others through a new subsidiary, CIC Health which has allowed schools and nursing homes across New England access to affordable testing. Other businesses face their own crises, and we have helped them set up their own testing sites and procedures.
If you’re interested in offering testing at your organization, visit
Quonset’s Steven King Helps Rhode Island
During the Pandemic
QDC Managing Director Steven King took a leadership role in Rhode Island’s COVID-19 response, at the urging of Gov. Gina Raimondo last March. King and his team’s efforts were detailed in a recent article in the American Association of Port Authorities quarterly magazine. 

"We had an opportunity to contribute and to help our society and our community advance," King said. "We’re always going to take the opportunity to do that."

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