Dear Friend of TCHP,
This year, The Children’s Hunger Project commemorates 10 years of providing essential weekend nutrition to students in Brevard County. We count our blessings that since 2010 we have been able to feed hungry children every school weekend without missing a single week – to include years with hurricanes and especially during this challenging year throughout the pandemic.
Thanks to volunteers, businesses, faith organizations and supporters just like you, we now serve over 2,300 children in 45 schools. During the pandemic, in coordination with Brevard Public Schools and other local organizations, we served up to 6,000 children per week.

We continue to be a vital resource for local families who depend on schools for student meals. Circumstances have changed the dynamics for many parents and guardians affected by job losses. Now, more than ever, we need your help for children going without reliable weekend nutrition. I want to share the story of one of our local young recipients named Alana (name changed to protect the child).

Alana’s mom is a single parent, hard-hit by recent events. Though she has a full-time job, she and her four school-age children are facing the possibility of living in their car as she is saving to pay first, last, and security deposit for an apartment. Alana’s mom is a hard-working parent, known for her good communication with teachers. Her children receive breakfast and lunch at school; however, Friday afternoon could be their last meal until returning to school Monday morning – that is nearly 70 hours without the nutrition a child needs to be happy and healthy.

More than 50% of Brevard County students are eligible for the free or reduced lunch program at school. This statistic is an important key indicator of hunger and poverty in a geographic area.

Because Alana has health issues, her mom is constantly worried that the family is just one medical visit away from a setback meaning her goal of obtaining a safe place to live will continue to elude her. With this pandemic adding the challenge of job disruptions, more local families are closer to poverty and homelessness than ever.

You can help us solve this problem. When you support TCHP, you contribute to helping find light in the darkness for families like Alana’s.
It’s been found that when children like Alana and her siblings come to school hungry, they are at increased risk for:

  • Chronic health conditions.
  • Behavioral problems.
  • Depression, anxiety, withdrawal and poor self-esteem.

Research also shows that children at risk of hunger typically test 17% lower in math skills and take longer to recover from health problems.

A teacher in Brevard Public schools shared that during a high school fundraiser/food drive for TCHP, many of her students recognized that they had benefited from TCHP weekend food packs while in elementary school. They talked openly about how much TCHP meant to them and were so excited to give back to this organization. It was amazing to hear how it came full circle for these students, and it touched our hearts to hear the positive impact TCHP made in their lives.

You can help level the playing field for a child in need. Your tax-deductible donation can create a positive change when it comes to a child’s success, not only in school, but in life. It costs just $150 to feed a hungry child every weekend of the school year – just $12.50 per month, less than 42 cents per day.
For those who can make a significant impact, consider joining the Children’s Circle of Hope Society. This society is open to anyone contributing $1,000 or more annually. Contributions can be set up on a recurring basis of $84 per month.

Thank you for considering making a meaningful gift to help us fight hunger in Brevard. Best wishes this holiday season and for a happy and healthy New Year!

Cheryl Cominsky,
Executive Director
Thank you for caring and sharing.
You give hungry children in Brevard hope!

The Children's Hunger Project is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.         
TCHP has consistently provided weekend meals for school children in Brevard County since 2010.