10 of Our Favorite New Items!
Light Up Cornhole/NightToss
$20.00 (2)
SmartMax My First Farm Animals
$11.00 (6)
Chocolate Studio
$17.50 (6)
Fire Station
$50.00 (1)
Magna Qubix 29pc
$15.00 (6)
$5.00 (12)
Smart Bow and Arrow
$13.30 (12)
NightBall Inflatable Football Blue
$10.00 (6)
Auto Moto
$25.77 (8)
$21.00 (1)
Guarding Against Complacency
Many of you have been store owners for a good long time. During that time, just by surviving this long, you have enjoyed success.
There is tendency to want to slow down, pull back, and just let this great store that you created run on auto-pilot. While a lofty goal, in most cases this does not work.
The retail market is a treacherous one right now, and your store needs your full working attention. There needs to be the desire to always improve. always to make it better.
Whether you are beat down tired, or hopping around like a bunny rabbit, it's important to examine the parts of your business that can be improved.
One thing I've learned, is almost every store owner who has become complacent, has also been a store owner that within two years has closed their business.
Building Ties with the Community
One of my favorite bookstores is Square Books. If you love books like I do, try to visit this wonderful series of stores in Oxford, Mississippi. As they have a children's book store, with quite a few toys. I regularly call on them. Each time I visit, I hear about the event they had the night before. Most of these events are author readings and interviews, though some events are musical as well.
Building ties to the community. It's my mantra. That's what we as retailers can do, that Amazon can't! Square Books takes this idea to the extreme. In looking at their calendar of events, they have 33 events in the next 60 days, and they do this year round.
While having one per week may be an ambitious goal for you, see what you can do with fun and interesting events for your community.
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