Join us for


Thursday, June 25th
from 7-8pm
"What makes this year's event different?"

Reason #1: Instead of honoring a RAIN supporter, we're honoring RAIN's Team in Niger.

Reasons #2 & 3: This isn't just any old virtual event.
You'll receive a RAIN DANCE Party Pack filled with delicious, easy-to-follow recipes to make a West African feast & a curated playlist of West African rhythms .

Reason #4: The virtual event means you can hear from experts near and far including Mohamed Djingo, Expert Advisor at Niger Permanent Mission to the United Nations Security Council, John Lamson, Former US Embassy Officer in Niger, and the Honorable Hassana Alidou, Former Ambassador to the US from the Republic of Niger.

Reason #5: YOU can come from near and far. If you've never come to an event, this is your chance! If you're a regular, you can invite friends and family who live in other states or even other countries!

"I really like the in-person event... will this be like that?"

Reasons #6 & 7: Absolutely! You'll still have the chance hear updates from the field and to make a difference by funding a need in Niger.

Reason #8: You can still purchase beautiful handmade Tuareg and Wodaabe crafts.

"You make a good case but I'm not sold yet"

Reason #9: There will be plenty of time to chat with someone who you don't live with. Break out of your social bubble if you've been stuck at home with just your partner, roommate, or cat!

Reason #10: June 25th is Bess's Birthday!!! Join us to give RAIN's Founder a little birthday surprise. If you can't join but you'd like to give a donation in her honor, you can do that here.

"I'm in, now what?"

Buy a ticket to RAIN DANCE, become a sponsor, or make a donation here. Do this ASAP - with the online event, it's much harder for us to accommodate last minute ticket sales.

Buy an 80-20 raffle ticket (or more than 1!) to support RAIN's programs and earn a chance to win!

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Rain for the Sahel and Sahara forges partnerships with rural and nomadic peoples of Niger to enable enduring and relevant livelihoods through access to education and opportunity.
RAIN is a 501(c) (3) organization.