There is always so much happening around Home of Hope! Thank you for being a part of it! 
We are celebrating 10 years!
This year marks our 10 year anniversary in Rwanda! 

This April 23rd, a team as well as Pastor Mel Mullen (on the left) our Home Church Founder, and Brian Thomson, our Home of Hope Director leaves for Rwanda! They will be doing a training conference and laying foundation for the next ten years! They are also going for a 2 day conference to help our 38 locations in Congo! 

Miracle for Minova

"The pain is so real.....they need hope! What can we do?????"

Dan Peters, a real estate agent and regular volunteer recently visited a refugee camp in Minova, Congo. In his 10 years of travel to various third world countries, he said THIS was the most desperation and starvation he has ever seen. He reached out on his Facebook group, Dan on a Mission and said this: 

"...Minova, Congo...a village with 30,000 plus people living in tents, many for the last 10 years. No land to grow food, no access to education or health care, no jobs....just living in constant danger with no protection as they do not even have a lock. More than 85% of children are victims of rape by the time they are 10 years old. The pain is so real.....they need hope ! What can we do????? What can we do ?????"

And with one Facebook post, two people saw the need and jumped to action. Now, we are starting a Feeding Program at this refugee camp in Minova, Congo, because people were willing to give! This will be providing at least 100 children EVERY WEEK a hot, healthy meal! 

Present Needs

Would you consider sponsoring a caregiver?

This year we reached our goal of helping 10,000 children every month! 
This is something we could not have done without our many generous sponsors, and especially our faithful & wonderful caregivers! A gift of any amount monthly can go towards providing them with sponsorship! Caregivers in Kenya, Rwanda, Congo & India presently need monthly support. Can you help? Any amount, $25, $50, $100+ can make a difference! 


Our goal is to help feed 100 of the most desperate, starving children in the surrounding 10 km radius of all our new projects. 

$1 feeds 1 child, for $400/month we can give 100 meals a week to children who would otherwise go hungry. ANY monthly amount will help!
Please continue to pray for our upcoming teams in April, August, and December, also Home of Hope as we expand into new countries and make plans to help more desperate children!
There are lots of upcoming teams going to Rwanda, Kenya and Malawi.
If you are interested in joining a trip in the next 2 years,  click here to learn more & apply!
Thank you for your support! We couldn't do what we do without our amazing sponsors!

Please tell someone about Home of Hope this month and help us spread the word.

~The Home of Hope Team