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December 2015 Edition

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 
to you and yours
How to wipe out an IRA:
Run afoul of IRS
distribution rules.
Trusts are set up to protect assets, like IRAs, after death, but if the rules are not followed precisely, an IRA can mistakenly be distributed and taxed soon after deathContinue...

Are You Earning 4%
With No Risk?
Why Not?
Earn 4% interest
(a minimum guarantee of 3%)
No risk to principal
100% principal available
at all times

Sometimes age is not just a number...
If you are turning 70 1/2 this year, you may face a number of special tax issues.

Not addressing these issues properly could result in significant penalties and filing hassles. Learn more about:

Traditional IRA Contribution
Excess Contributions Penalty Required Minimum Distribution
Still Working Exception
Excess Accumulation Penalty

Are you ready to rollover?
Changes have come to Social Security. 
The New Budget Act of 2015 has brought about many significant changes to Social Security filing strategies.  Are you one of the many Americans who have just lost their recommended  Social Security Maximization Strategy?  
Due to the changes being implemented, some or all of the following factors could have a direct effect on your future retirements plans.

There are now 3 sets of rules which contain the following:
  • Changes to Restricted Application
  • Changes to Voluntary Suspension
  • New Filing Deadlines 
  • Different laws for those born before May 1, 1950, Jan 2, 1954 and for those born after.
  • One set of laws for one spouse and another set of laws for the other.
Many retirees will be impacted by the Bi-partisan Budget Act of 2015. It is risky to assume you are not one of them. 
Contact my office to see what changes the new law will have on your Social Security Maximization Strategy today!
Millions of Americans just lost a key Social Security strategy

It was good while it lasted. But all good things - especially those which lawmakers regard as an unintended loophole - must come to an end.

Congress has agreed to, and the president is expected to sign into law, a bill that 1) averts a government shutdown and 2) shuts down two popular Social Security claiming tactics: the-file-and-suspend and the restricted-application Social Security strategies.

And now, millions of Americans who were planning to use these strategies to boost their household's lifetime benefits must figure out what to do instead.   Read More
A Note from the  Accounting Sleuth
Don't Ignore the Proxy Statement
Information relating to executive compensation takes up one page in Berkshire's proxy statement. It takes more than 20 pages for the board to explain to shareholders why executives at Salesforce are so generously compensated. It is not unusual to see a 40-page discussion on compensation in some companies' proxy statements, almost as if to  encourage shareholders to skip that section

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