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The sun is out, and it's full-on summer! The kids and teachers have been making the most of the warm weather for their weekly trips around Vancouver, and we're finally ready to unveil our big summer project: The 100 Happy Kids Dance Party!

It's happening on Aug. 23, from 11am - 2pm. We know the competition for summer weekend activities is fierce, but we've got a great party planned, and if you bring your kids (and their friends) you could take the prize for helping out - and a week-long holiday in Barbados! 

Staying focused is a challenge when fun in the sun is calling. Make sure you register for the party before you forget, and then get outside!

Maybe we'll see you at the beach... or at Buddings. :)

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100 Happy Kids Dance Party - Aug. 23
Big Kids Abroad - UBC Canopy Walk
Moving Pictures of Daycare Adventures?
Quick Link to the Dance Party Video
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Summer Saturdays are so precious and few, and we want to make sure our summer party is on your list! So, what if you could win a week-long stay in a gorgeous holiday home in Barbados anytime in 2015* just for turning up? Curious?
We're so excited to invite you to the 100 Happy Kids Dance Party

It's a party, and a flash mob, an ice cream and lemonade social, a photo op, a dance class... a gathering of all the things that make kids happy! 

PLUS! To top it off, and make one family super happy, we're also giving away a week-long stay at a beautiful holiday home in Barbados - anytime in 2015*! 

Winning the contest is so so easy. Just turn up with as many kids as you can muster (and manage), and if you have the biggest crew, you win! 

Of course, the kids should also know the steps to our Happy Dance! Check out Denet's video, and then share it all around! Let's make her famous! 

*Date confirmation required. Subject to availability.

Big Kids Abroad - Towering Tree Tops at UBC

Our Summer Field Trip Program ("Big Kids Abroad") reached some new heights last week, when we went to UBC to explore the Botanical Gardens, and the Greenheart Canopy Walk. 

Our buddies are getting bigger and braver, and on this trip, we discovered untapped courage reserves. Talia and Denet went up, up, up, keeping spirits up, and just plain keeping up! Find their story of obstacles overcome on the blog. 

Watching the kids grow and develop has been amazing, but everyone can learn on a field trip! Even teachers!

One immediately applicable lesson we've learned is that while life is about the journey, getting to the destination - with time to play - is key. 

We've made some alterations to our August schedule, switching some of our more distant destinations for more local attractions. 

All the destinations are fun, free, and friendly for preschoolers and toddlers. Best of all, there's still an August of weekly trips left to join! Check out the new calendar and sign up from 1 - 5pm to have your child take part! 
Moving Pictures of Daycare Adventures?
We love the blog, and writing about our adventures has been part a huge part of connecting and retaining the learning and stories. We've started to recognize the photo moments, and most importantly, remembering to take tonnes of pictures! As you can see from the video below, we've also been experimenting with film and moving media. 

It's been going well, actually, and the more we play around with it, the more we wish we could share videos of the hilarity that is life at Buddings Daycare. Privacy is a priority, though, so we want to consider it carefully. 

We'd like to test the idea out, and for the field trips in August, we're thinking of making a little video for each one, so you can see what goes on! What do you think? 

When you see the video consent request on the permission forms for field trips through August, please feel free to talk to us about the idea, and definitely let us know if you don't feel comfortable. You can also email your thoughts and concerns to Talia anytime
Quick Link to Denet's Video  

100 Happy Kids Dance Party
100 Happy Kids Dance Party

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