September 2020
100 Life Changing Conversations
Hi I am starting a short monthly survey / quick self assessment quiz with different topics for my friends and clients. My hope is to shine a light on various aspects of life - to allow you to pause and reflect how you relate. 

  • Is there anything around this topic you really like / dislike? Why?
  • Looking at your life, how satisfied are you in this area?
  • What might you need to stop doing in order for your life to be more fun?
  • What do you need to start doing to have more fun?

If the content is relevant to you - made you smile, pause, or cringe, I am here to help. As a gift, I am offering a complimentary 30 minutes conversation. No obligations and no strings attached. Please fee free to share this email with friends and family. My hope is to have 100 life changing conversations in a year!
Time Perception Self-Assessment
Is Time Your Friend or Your Enemy? Why?
You have a relationship with your family, friends or co-workers. Did you know that you have also a relationship with “time”? Not the clock on the wall, the color coded google calendar or the alarm on the iPhone, but the perception of what time is and how it should be. 

Do you know that how you relate to “time” directly effects how you view the word - how much fun or struggle you have, how you relate to your family and friends, how you create your business or how satisfied are your with your job and finances?
Are you curious? Take this short 14 question survey - you will see results at the end.